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James King


Company H

Born: 1849

Died: August 13, 1874

Grave location: Private land west on Nemo Road from Rapid City, South Dakota

Grave GPS Coordinates: N44 08.137 W103 23.481

Private James King was a member of Captain Benteen’s Company H.  During the Black Hills Expedition of 1874, King became ill on the journey home to Fort Lincoln.  Private Ewert wrote that “King fainted twice in the sun but was still marked for duty”.  He died the following afternoon.  Ewert wrote: “In the grey twilight of morning, the men with bowed heads, tears trickling down the sun-burnt cheeks, the dead body suspended over the grave, the Captain with his grey hair reading the service, the silence, all are impressed on my memory never to be erased.”

As part of an Eagle Scout project, King’s grave was fixed up and fenced.  It sits on private land west of Rapid City on Nemo Road.  The grave is easily visible from the road.  If you decide to walk out to the grave, please stop and get landowner's permission first.  When I stopped, I was warned of the possibility of snakes in the ditch.  I grabbed a large stick and swatted the ground in front of me as I walked.  Thankfully I didn't see any snakes.

Private King's grave as seen from the road.

Headstone for James King on private land - west of Rapid City, South Dakota


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