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Abram Brant


Company D

Born: 1849 (New York City, NY)

Died: October 4, 1878 (Camp Ruhlen, Dakota)

Grave location: Unknown; possibly Post Cemetery, Fort Meade, Sturgis, SD

Grave GPS Coordinates: N44 24.166 W103 28.596 (marks memorial headstone and not actual grave)

He enlisted on September 27, 1875, in St Louis by Lt. William Thompson. He listed his previous occupation as civil engineer. He had hazel eyes, light hair, a fair complexion, and was 5’ 5 7/8” tall. He is listed elsewhere as Abraham B. Brant.  During the Battle of the Little Bighorn he was involved in the hilltop portion of the fight.  He was awarded the Medal of Honor for bringing water to the wounded under a most galling fire. He died on October 4, 1878 in camp near Camp Ruhlen, Dakota, of accidental gunshot wounds to the abdomen, by his own hand. He was shot while handing his revolver to the First Sergeant. He died the night before he was to receive his Medal of Honor. It is supposed that he was buried with it.  His actual gravesite at this time is unknown.

Local historian Rocky Boyd has a theory on the location of Brant’s grave. A photo of the supposed spot appears in Douglas Scott’s excellent book, CUSTER’S HEROES. The photo of Brant’s grave location shown here is a reproduction of the photo in that book that I took by merely lining up the site and taking a photo from roughly the same location.

Supposed general location of Brant's grave at the Post Cemetery - Fort Meade - Sturgis, South Dakota

  The memorial marker for Abram Brant at the Fort Meade Post Cemetery.  The marker does not mark the actual grave of Brant.
The memorial marker is located at Grave 187 Row 4 Section 2.

  "Abram B. Brant: The Man From Manhattan" by Peter Russell of CAGB.  This article appeared in the newsletter of the LBHA.
Thanks to the author, Peter Russell, and to LBHA newsletter editor Rod Thomas for granting permission to post the article.


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