Blue Fenton


The 5039 sitting cat - was first made for Lenox as an exclusive in 2005.
This pose is 4 1/2 inches in height.

xxxxx xxxxx

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx5039-T6 2010 $21.50 xxxxxxxx5039-KN 2011 $19.50 xxxxxxxx5039-KT 2011 $37.50
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxRobin's egg blue xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxCobalt xxxxxxxxxxxxxx"Serene Winter" on Cobalt
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxFenton Gift Shop Exclusive xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxDesign: Michelle Kibbe Artist: artist name


The 5064 sleeping kitten or "cat nap" or "cuddles" - first appeared in 2003.
This pose is 3 1/2 inches in length.

xx xx

xxxxxxxxxxx5064-S3 Inspirations-stars 2004 Brian Fluharty xxxx5064-Eclectic Shop Exclusive xxxxxx5064-K4 Celeste Blue
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx2004 B Williams x/250

xxx xxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxC5064-EZ C2055 Indigo Blue $30.00 xxxxxx5064-ZW Indigo Blue $11.81 x C5064-KNhp CV85743 C28407
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 2007 Diana Wright for QVC xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxCobalt hp S Waters

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx2011 LE500 $40.51 Set 3/4


The 5065 stylized cat - was first made for QVC in fall of 1998
and appeared in the Fenton General Catalog in 1999.
This pose averages 5 inches in height although I have seen a few of the early ones as short as
4 3/4" and as tall as 5 1/2" .

xxxxxxxxxxxxxx5065-KN xxxxxxxxx5065-KN satin xxxxxxC5065-6J C-54146 xxxxxxxC5065-6J dark xxxxxxx5065-KN FGSE
xxxxxxxxxxxxx1998 FGS xxxxxxxxxxx1998 FGS xxxxxxHV236 1998 B Fluharty xxxx1999 Mike Lemon xxxx2001 Pam Hayhurst

x x x x
xxxxxxxxx5065-FW xxxxxxxxxxxxC5065-FN xxxxxxxxx5065-FN starflowers xxxM5065-FN PearBlossom xxx 5065-FN Palm/Wheat
xxxxxxx2001 C Riggs xxxxxxxx C-63285 2000 xxxxxxxx2001 M Archer FGS xxxxxCollector's Paradise xxxxxxCollector's Showcase
xxSymphony on Favrene xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx13/50 2002 Bev Habeb xxxxx1/18 2003 Bev Habeb

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxC5065-EU 2009 C01574 $47.67
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxTwilight Tulips on Cobalt Satin
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxKim Barley Design, Painted by S Hughes

xxx xxx xxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx5065-QZ Hibiscus xxxxxxxxxx5065-UE xxxxxxxxxxx5065-T6 $25.00 xxxxxxxxx5065-U6 $39.50
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxBlue Burmese xxxxxx2000 L Fleming xxxxxxxx2010 Robin's Egg Blue xx2010 HP Jeanne Cutshaw
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx2000 M Raddish xxxxxxxBlue Burmese xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxSpringSong/Robin's egg blue
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxDesign Kim Barley

xxxxxxxxxxxx5065-SYs 2002 xxxxC5065-3F C103210 xxxxxxx5065-K4 xxxxxxxx5065-K4s $16.56 xxxxx5065-K4sd $16.56
xxxxxxxxxxxBlue Topaz satin xxxxCharleton Fen Fav xxxxxxxCeleste Blue xxxxxxCeleste Blue Satin xxxxCeleste Blue Satin
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 2002 B Huggins

xxxxxxxxxxxx5065-KJ $17 xxxxxxxxx5065-KP Dancing Daisies $37.50 xxxxxxx5065-K4 Celeste Blue 2004 A Russell $65.00
xxxxxxx Celeste Blue Iridized xxxxxxxCeleste Stretch 2004 Pam Fleak xxxxxxxx "Miss Nectar" LE 40/100 Cricket'sAntiques

xx xx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx5065-QA Turquoise xxx5065-QAs Turquoise satin xxxxxx5065-EF 2005 Sandy Stephens
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx FGS 2004 samples xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxButterfly Minuet on Turquoise

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx G5065-QAZS 2007 FGS $29.00 xxxxxxxxxxxx 5065-7Q 2007 Sharon Waters
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxD Johnson xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx$42.50 - Dragonfly on Sky Blue

xxx xxx

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx C5065-ZZ 2008 J Powell xxxxxx 5065-V8 FGS $11.95 xxxxx I5065-HPD C-142882
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx $40.00 Blue Lagoon Paisley xxxxxxxx Blue Lagoon xxxxxxxxx $51.11 Blue Lagoon satin
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxShelleys Exclusives 43/100
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx2009 Artist C Smith

The 5074 grooming cat - first made in 2003.
This pose is 4 inches high.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx5074-K5 "Celeste" Lenox 2004 Karen Easton xxxxxxxxxxx 5074-K4 2004 xxxxxxxx 5074-K4 2004
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Celeste Blue satin xxxxxxx Celeste Blue

xx xx xx
xxxxxxxB5074-WU 2005 K Brightbill xxxxxxx5074-UF 2009 $32.50 x5074-V8 2009 $19.50 xxxxxxxxx5074-N9 2009 $34.50
xxxxCracker Barrel Exclusive "Sweet Pea" xxxBlue Lagoon/C Riggs xxxxxBlue Lagoon xxxxxxIndigo Blue/God's Light is Everywhere
xxScott Fenton #173 Turquoise/white floral xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxDesign/painted by JK (Robin) Spindler
The 5119 kitten was the third cat Fenton made and first appeared in the Fenton General Catalog in 1985.
There are two versions of this kitten - the short tailed and the long tailed.
The short tailed (short stubby "S" shaped tail) version was in production from 1985 - 1993.
The long tailed (long "C" shaped tail) version is the current version.
It first appeared in the 1993 Fenton General Catalog.
Both versions of the kitten are 4" in length.

xxxxxxx 5119-09 Cat Capers xxxxxxx5119-FA Frosted Asters xxxxxxxxx5119-FN 1997 FGS xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx5119-IK
xxxxxxxxxSalem Blue pearl xxxxxxxxxx1985 Freda Hubbard xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxTrue Blue Friends 1986
xxxxxxx1992 Debbie Cutshaw

xxxxxxxxxxxx 5119-NK xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx5119-UB xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx5119-OI iridized xxxxxxxxxxxxC5119-8W C-10785
xxxxxxxCobalt marigold 1986 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxBlue Burmese xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxOcean Blue 1993 xxxxxxxxxxx1993 Shelley Hopkins

xxxxxxxxxxxx5119-SR irid xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxK5119-P2 xxxxxxxxxxxxx5119-EU 2009 $32.50 xxxxxxxxx5119-KN 2009 $19.50
xxxxxxxxxxSalem Blue 1993 xxxxxxxPeriwinkle Blue 2004 NFGS xxxxTwilight Tulips on Cobalt xxxxxxxxxxxxCobalt Blue
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx S Waters

xxxxx xxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxI5119-HP1 2010 C-210712 $37.21 xxxxxxxxxx5119-T6 2010 $19.50 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx5119-U6 2010 $33.50
xxxxxxxxxCobalt satin hp butterfly/ferns 20/200 xxxxxxxxxxRobins Egg Blue xxxvvxxxxxxxxxSpring Song on Robins Egg Blue
xxxxxxxxxDesign-Michelle Kibbe/HP S Waters xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxDesign Michelle Kibbe
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxHP D Fredrick

xxC5119-?? C-28407 $40.51 LE 500
xxxQVC 2/4 sets for 2011 Robins egg blue
xxxArtist:Jeanne Cutshaw

The 5165 sitting cat -was the second cat made by Fenton.
It first appeared in the Fenton General Catalog in 1979-80.
This mould has two versions.
The vast majority of cats are 3 3/4 " tall. However, there are a few cats that are 3 1/2" tall.

x x x

xx 5165-09 Cat Capers xxxxx5165-B? 1979 xxxxxx5165-B? 1979 xxxxxxxxxxxx5165-BL Blue Roses on Barely Blue Satin
xxxxSalem Blue Pearl xxxx Barely Blue Shiny xxxBarely Blue Satin xxxxxxxxBlack eyes, nose, mouth 1979 Marilyn Wagner
xx1992 PamLauderman

xx xx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx5165-BL Blue Roses on Barely Blue Satin xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx5165-?? 1998 xxxxxxxxxx5165-?? 1998
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxBlue eyes, nose, mouth - 1979 C Evans xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxCelesteBlue Slag xxxxxxxxxxCobalt Slag

xx xx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx5165-FA Frosted Asters xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 5165-FN 2001 R Denhart xxxxxxxxxxx5165-FN / C5165-FN
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx1985 Freda Hubbard xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxFavrene Anaheim Show Spec Ed. xxxxxxxxxx1997 FGS and
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx2001 QVC C-21501

xx xx
xxxxxxxxxxx5165-KG Golden Flax - HP on Cobalt xxxxxxxxx5165-KI 1998 xxxxxxxxxxxxx 5165-KN Marilyn Wagner
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx1995 Brian Fluharty

xx xx
xxxxxxxxxxxxx5165-KN Plues xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx5165-KN Notes xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx5165-KN Stars
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx<---------------------------- Fenton tent sale 1999------------------------>

x x x x x
xxxx 5165-KN 1995 xxxx5165-KNs dk 1998 xx5165-KNs lt 2000 xxxxx5165-L9s 2000 xxxxxx5165-L9 2000 xxx5165-LH Bellflowers
xxxxxxxxxCobalt xxxxxxxxDark Cobalt satin xxxLight Cobalt satin xxxxxxIce blue pearl xxxxxxxIce blue satin xxxxxxxxIce blue pearl
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxV L Williams

x x x
xxxxxxxxx 5165-LR 1997 xxxxxxxxx5165-LRs 1997 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx5165-LRs 1999 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx5165-NK 1986
xxxxxxxxxxxMisty Blue xxxxxxxxxxMisty Blue satin xxxxxxxxxxxxMisty Blue satin - K Sponsler xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxCobalt marigold

xxxx5165-QA 2004 xxxxx5165-OB 1993 xxxxx5165-OI 1989 xxxxxxx5165-PK 1980 xxxxxxx5165-BA 1979 xxxxxxxx5165-SR 1992
xxxTurquoise sample xxxxOcean Blue xxxxxxxTeal Marigold xxxxxxxxxPeking Blue xxxxxxxxxx Blue Satin xxxxxxxxxxxSalem Blue

xxxx5165-SY 2002 xxxxxxx5165-SYs 2002 xxxxxxxx5165-TB 1992 xxxxxxxxxx5165-TT Twilight tulips xxxxxxxx5165 Tiara #605PW
xxxxxxBlue Topaz xxxxxxxBlue Topaz Satin xxxxxxxxTwilight Blue xxxxxxxxxxxxx1993 Susan Bryan xxxxxxxxxxx1988 Imperial Blue

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxC5165-29 C23174 xxxxxxxxxxxxxC5165-3B C53695 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxC5165-C6 C42858
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx2003 V Van Zile xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx1998 S Davis xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx1997 C Riggs

xxxxxxxxxxxxC5165-T9 C16399 xxxxxxxxxxxxxQ5165-BX 1986 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxC5165-5E C05212 xxxxxxxxxxxxK5165-CJP2 2004
xxxxxxxx1995 Brenda Montgomery xxxxxxxxSapphire Opalescent xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx2004 J Peyton xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx FAGCA
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Periwinkle Blue sanded

xxx xxx xxx
xxxxxxxI5165-7B C111638 4/300 $34.75 xxxxxxx 5165-7B 2007 $8.81 xxxxxxx 5165-ZW 2007 $9.05 xxxxxx 5165-V8 2009 $11.58
xxx2007 Shelley Fenton Exclusive S Stephens xxxxxxSample sky blue xxxxxxxxxxxSample Indigo blue xxxxxxxxxxxBlue Lagoon

xx xx xx
xxxxxxxxx 5165-Q0 2008 $34.50 xxxxxxxxxxZ5165-4B 2008 $41.31 xxxxxxxxx5165-85 2009 $34.50 xxxxxxxU5165-HP3 2009 $28.25
xxxxxxx Indigo Blue HP T Neader xxxxxxxxxxFGS Pres Day Excl xxxxxIt's a Colorful Life on Blue Lagoon xxxxxxxx Indigo Blue
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Cherry Blossoms on Indigo xxxxxDesigned by Michelle Kibbe xxxxxxxxxxxxL Everson
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Dane Fredrick xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxArtist: D Barbour xxxxxxxxxxxxxxPreferred Seconds

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxK5165-KT 2009 $40.00 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx5165-IB 2010 $35.00
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Cobalt blue/Milk white slag xxxxxxxxxMoonlight Wonder on Cobalt
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx FFOGKC gala LE 82 xxxxxxxxxDesign Michelle Kibbe - HP S Jackson

The 5243 Curious or snob cat was the fourth cat made by Fenton.
It first appeared in the Fenton General Catalog in 1990.
This kitty is 3 1/4" tall.

x x x x

xxxxxxxxx5243-P2 2004 xxxxxxx5243-P2s 2004 xxxxxxxxx5243-SR 1990 xxxxxxxxxxx5243-SR 1990 xxxxxxxxxx5243-SRs 1990
xxxxxxxxxx Periwinkle xxxxxxxx Periwinkle Satin xxxxxxxxxxSalem Blue xxxxxxxxxSalem Blue duplicate xxxxxxxSalem Blue satin

xxxxxxxxx5243-KN 1995 xxxxxxxxxxxx5243-Y7 1996 Tammy Watson xxxxxxxxxxxxxC5243-T7 C20152 Angie Ankrom 2000
xxxxxxxxxCobalt Sample xxxxxxxxxxxxxMedallion Series - hp 22k gold
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxon Cobalt / wood base


xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx5243-P2HP 2007 Stacy Williams $41.85 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx5243-P2HP 2007 PamHayhurst $28.00


The 5318 Egyptian Kitten also called "perky cat" was put into production by Fenton in 2007.
It was designed by sculptor Suzi Whitaker and appeared in the 2007 June supplement in indigo blue.
The June Supplement called this kitty the "Dreaming cat"
This kitten is 3" tall by 3 1/4 " long.

xx5318-ZW 2007 $19.50 xxxxxx5318-ZW 2007 $19.50 xxxxxxxxx C5318-59 2009 C10858 $43.16 xxxxxxxxxx 5318-V2 2009 $10.33
xxxxxxxxIndigo Blue xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxIndigo Blue xxxxxxxxxxxxBlue Lagoon hp D Barbour for QVC xxxxxxxxxxxxx Blue Lagoon

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 5318-QZ 2008 $34.50 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxU5318-HP1 Sky Blue 2009 $28.25
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxSky Blue HP C Griffiths xxxxxxxxxxxxxxPreferred Seconds HP C Griffiths


The 5335 Mini "Happy Kitty" was first made by Fenton in 2007.
The mould is owned by FAGCA. This cat is 4" tall.

xxx xxx

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxF5335-QA 2007 xxxxxxxxF5335-ZW 2008 xxxxF5335-ZW 2008 xxxx5335-V8 2009 $40.62 LE
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxAzure Blue $25.00 xxxxxxIndigo Blue $45.00 xxIndigo Blue $45.00 xxxBlue Lagoon Satin NFGS

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxF5335-7B 2008 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx5335-7B 2009 NFGS $45.92 LE
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxSky Blue $39.75 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxSky Blue HP Martha Reynolds


The 5365 Mini Kitten was first made by Fenton in 1999 .
This kitten is 2 3/4" tall.

xx xx xx xx

xxxxxxxxxx 5365-KN FGSE USA Flag xxxxxxxxxxxx5365-KN xxxxxxxxxxx5365-KNs xxxxxxxxxx5365-LC xxxxxxxxx5365-LCs
xxxxxxxxxxxxx 2000 Susan Bryan xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 2000 Cobalt xxxxxxx2000 cobalt satin xxxxx1999 Ice Blue xxx1999 Ice blue satin

xx xx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx5365-LC xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx5365-LCs 2001 Louise Plues xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx5365-ND
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx2000 Plues xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Ice Blue satin xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxHugs For You
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxButterfly Kisses
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 2001 V L Anderson

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx5365-TB xxxxxxxx5365-TB iridized xxxxx5365-TB satin
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx<------------1999 Twilight Blue------------>

The 5346 sitting cat - was first made for Lenox as an exclusive in 2011.
This pose is 4 inches in height.

xxK5346-HPT6 2011 $41.87
xxxLenox #816977 "Jasmine"
xxxD Robinson / Robin's egg blue