Pink Fenton


The 5064 sleeping kitten or "cat nap" or "cuddles" - first appeared in 2003.
This pose is 3 1/2 inches in length.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx5064-ZQ J Peyton 2004 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxCV570 PK C-3566 A VanZile xxxxxxxx5064-TR Trailing Wisteria
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxSunset New Baby Bunch J Peyton 2004 xxxxxxxxxxxx2004 Holiday Parade #1 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxM Nutter - 2004

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx5064- 2004 Lenox - Billie Lunduski xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxC5064??-C110688 QVC 2005 xxxxxxxxxx5064-RU Ruby 2005
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx "Rose, The Little Pink Cat" xxxxxxxxxxxxxM Young - Shelley's Keepsakes 112/150

xx xx

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx5064-RU FGSE xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx5064-RU FGSE 2nd xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxC5064-TH C7386
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxDiane Johnson - 2006 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxSharon Waters - 2006 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxS Williams 2008


xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx5064-P6 2008 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx5064-PJ 2008
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxMadras Pink Meadow Berry xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxMadras Pink
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Jeanne Cutshaw


The 5065 stylized cat - was first made for QVC in fall of 1998 and appeared in the
Fenton General Catalog in 1999.
This pose averages 5 inches in height although I have seen a few of the early ones as
short as 4 3/4 '" and as tall as 5 1/2" .

x x x

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx5065-CP 2000 xxxxxxxxx5065-CPs 2000 Rosso xxxxxxxx5065-NZ 2002 xxxxxxxxxx5065-P3 FGS 2009
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxEmpress Rose xxxxxxxxxxxEmpress Rose satin xxxxxxxxRosemilk Opalescent xxxxxxMadras Pink D Fredrick

x x
xxxxxxxxxxxxx5065-HK 2009 xxxxxxxxx5065-PF 2009 xxxxxxxxxxx5065-PF 2009 lim ed 7/10 for Joyce Colella's Open House 10-10-09
xxxxxxxxxxBlush Rose HP Poppy xxxxxxxxxBlush Rose xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxBlush Rose sand carved by Kelsey Murphy-Robert Bomkamp
xxxxxxxxxxxArtist - S Waters

xx xx

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx5065-R4 Jeanne Cutshaw 2002 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx5065-REs FGSE 2002 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx5065-RE
xxxxxxxxxxxxTrailing Floral on Rosalene-Honor Collection xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxRosalene Satin HP Susan Bryan xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxRosalene Gloss

x x x x
xxxxxxxxxxx5065-RM Rochella Buskirk 2001 xxxxxxxxxx5065-RU 2002 xxxxxxxxx5065-RU 2002 xxxxxxxxx5065-UR 2003 xxxxxxxxx5065-RM 2004
xxxxxxxxxxxxDamask Rose on red Carnival xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxRuby Gloss xxxxxxxxxxxRuby Gloss2 xxxxxxxxxAmberina Stretch xxxxxxxxxxxxRuby Satin


The 5074 grooming cat - first made in 2003.
This pose is 4 inches high.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx5074-RE FGSE on Rosalene satin 2004 D Barbour xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx5074-RE FGSE Rosalene satin
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx2004 VIP C Griffiths

xx xx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxx5074 REs 2003 LE-198 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxCV570 PK C03566 Jeanne Cutshaw xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxG5074-REZS 2007 FGS
xxxxxxxRoselene satin HP eGroups purple roses xxxxxxxxxx 2004 QVC Rosalene Cat set xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxJulia Powell
xxxxxxxxArtist: Trisha Twyman Rippetto 2003

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxU5074-RE 2007 FGS xxxxxxxxxxxxI5074-HPR7 2006 C111078
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxRosalene shiny xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxRosalene Satin Hp Mary Young

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxB5074-TW Wildflower Collection xxxxxxxxxx5074-SY 2006 xxxxxxxxx5074-UR 2006 xxxxxxxxC5074-HPRS C111356 2006
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx2004 Cracker Barrel exclusive xxxxxxxxxxxxxSunset iridized xxxxxxxxxxRuby stretch xxxxxxxQVC Shelley's Keepsakes Collection
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxK S Buskirk - Tom Fenton xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxLim Ed 57/250 CA Hall

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx5074-BS T Mendenhall 2004 xxxxxxxxxxxx5074-NG 2006 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx5074-P6 2007
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxRosemilk Opal - Tulip Delight xxxxxxxxxxxxRosemilk Iridized xxxxxxxxxxxxx Madras Pink/Meadow Berry

xxx xxx xxx

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx5074-PJ 2010 xxxxxxxxxxx5074-VH 2010 xxxxxxxxxxxx5074-RU 2010 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx5074-GI 2010
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxBlush Rose xxxxxxxBlush Rose HP Deb Cutshaw xxxxxxxxxRuby red xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxGolden Glimmer on Ruby
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxDesign Michelle Kibbe xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxDesign: Michelle Kibbe Artist: Dane Fredrick

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxI5074-HP1 2011 40/75 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx5074-BC 2011
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxPink Lady Bugs on madras pink xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxFloral on Ruby
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxShelley's Keepske C212749 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxDesign: Stacy Williams
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxDesign: Kim Barley Artist: S Stephens xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxArtist: S Waters


The 5119 kitten was the third cat Fenton made and first appeared in the Fenton General Catalog in 1985.
There are two versions of this kitten - the short tailed and the long tailed.
The short tailed (short stubby "S" shaped tail) version was in production from 1985 - 1993.
The long tailed (long "C" shaped tail) version is the current version.
It first appeared in the 1993 Fenton General Catalog.
Both versions of the kitten are 4" in length.

xxxxxxxxxxxx5119-05 Debbie Cutshaw xxxxxxxxxx5119-HZ 1992 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx5119-PN satin 1992 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx5119-HZ 1993
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxPetal Pink Pearl 1992 xxxxxxxPetal Pink Pearl- Short tail xxxxxxxxxxxxxPetal Pink Satin xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxPink Pearl-iridized
xxxxxxxxxxxxxCat Capers Collection

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx5119-05 A Farley xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx5119-UO 1986 xxxxxxxxxxxxx5119-PO Rosemilk satin
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxPink Pearl 1993 Long tail xxxxxxxxxxxxPeaches and Cream
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxCat Capers Collection

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx5119-XD Rosemilk satin
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx2005 Lynn Fenton - B.Williams
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxDirect Mail Exclusive


The 5165 sitting cat -was the second cat made by Fenton.
It first appeared in the Fenton General Catalog in 1979-80.
This mould has two versions.
The vast majority of cats are 3 3/4 " tall.
However, there are also a few cats that are 3 1/2" tall.

x x

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx5165-05 1992 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx5165-5L Dan Randolph 2000 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx5165-CP Marilyn Wagner 2000
xxxxxxxxxxxxx Debbie Cutshaw xxxxxxxxxxxxEmpress Rose -white daisies - gold collar xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxEmpress Rose HP Burgundy Roses
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxPetal Pink Pearl
xxxxxxxxxxxCat Capers Collection

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx5165-CP 1998 xxxxxxxxxxxxx5165-CP 1998 xxxxxxxxxxxx5165-CPs 1998 xxxxxxxxxx5165-CP 1998
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxEmpress Rose xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxEmpress Rose xxxxxxxxxxxEmpress Rose satin xxxxxxxxxEmpress Rose 2

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx5165-H2 2001 xxxxxxxxx5165-X9 2001 xxxxxxxxxx5165-YS 2001 xxxxxxxxxxxx5165-RV 1994
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxDotted Swiss xxxxxxxxxxSpring Splendor xxxxxxxxxPink Chiffon Opal xxxxxxxxxxxRose Magnolia
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxCracker Barrel #1223 xxxx Pink Chiffon Opal
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxVivian Cline xxxxxxxxxxxC Hardman
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxScott Fenton

x x

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx5165-JY K Lauderman 1993 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 5165-PN 1992 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx5165-PU Michelle Nichols 1994
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxArbor Blossoms - HP on petal pink xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxPetal Pink xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxViolas on Petal Pink - Frances Burton

x x x x

xxxxxxxxxxxxx5165ss 2001 xxxxxxxxxxx 5165-PV 2008 xxxxxxxxxxxx 5165-PJ 2008 xxxxxxxxxxx 5165-HK 2010 xxxxxxxxxxxxx 5165-PJ 2010
xxxxxxxxxxxSunset Pink Sample xxxD Robinson hp Madras Pink xxxxxxxMadras Pink xxxxxxxxxPoppies on Blush Rose xxxxxxxxxxxxxBlush Rose
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxHP Trudy Mendenhall
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxDesign:Kim Barley

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I5165-HP2 2010 C212179
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxBlush Rose HP S Waters 22/150

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx5165-PE 1990 xxxxxxxxxxxx5165-PE 1990 xxxxxxxxxxx5165-PEs 1990 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx5165-PF Debbie Cutshaw 1989
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxShell Pink xxxxxxxxxxxxShell Pink iridized xxxxxxxxxxShell Pink satin xxxxxxxxxxxxWatercolors - Pastel Florals on Pink Satin


xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx5165-RE Linda Fleming 2000 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxC5165-EQ C-2877 1988
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxRosalene Satin HP black roses xxxxxxxxxxxxxxShell Pink Iridized - HP blue floral Mike Lemon

x x

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx5165-RE 2003 xxxxxxxx5165-RE 1990 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx5165-RE irid 1990 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx5165-RE FGSE 2003
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxRosalene xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxRosalene xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxRosalene-Iridized (slag?) sample xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx HP Carol Griffiths
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 26/50 Susan Bryan design

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxC5165-24 C-21802 2003 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxC5165-6R C-11588 1993
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxRosalene HP-Roses A Farley xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxRosalene Satin - HP pink roses A Farley

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx5165-RE 2007 FGSE FA ex. 30/45
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxSusan Bryan "Valentine"

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx5165-RM J Wilson 2001 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx5165-RU 1999 xxxxxxxxxx5165-RU 1990 xxxxxxxxxxx5165-RUs 1998
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxDamask Rose on Red Carnival Set 290/500 xxxxxxxxx Ruby/amber foot xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxRuby xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxRuby Satin

xx xx xx

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 5165-RL 2007 xxxxxxxxxxx 5165-AF 2007 xxxxxxxxxxxx 5165-PA 2009 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx I5165-HP1 2009
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Ruby iridized (carnival) xxxxx Golden Pods on Ruby xxxxxxxx Reindeer on Ruby xxxxxxxxxxSunflowers on ruby satin
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Alice Farley xxxxxxxxxxxDesign Michelle Kibbe xxxxDesign Kim Barley HP L Everson
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx HP S Stephens xxxxxxxxxxShelley's Keepsakes 38/150

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxK5165-CJUM 2010 LE 31 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx5165-OR 2011 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx5165-ZM 2011
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxRuby satin / Milk glass satin head xxxxxxxxxxxxxxOrange Slice xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxOrange Slice hp J Cutshaw
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxFFGKC gala special xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxIt's a Colorful Life series xxxxxxxxxxxIt's a Colorful Life series

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx5165-OR1 2012 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx5165-OR2 2012
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxOrange slice satin Kim Barley xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxOrange Slice Satin Kim Barley
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxFenton Sept 2012 Offering xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxFenton Sept 2012 Offering


The 5243 Curious or snob cat was the fourth cat made by Fenton.
It first appeared in the Fenton General Catalog in 1990.
This kitty is 3 1/4 " tall.


xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx5243-DN 1993 xxxxxxxxxxx5243-DNs 1993 xxxxxxxxxxxx5243-DW 1993 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx5243-PF L Everson 1990
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxRose Pearl-iridized xxxxxxxxxxxRose Pearl satin xxxxxxxxxxxxxxVining Hearts xxxxxxxxxxxWatercolors-Pink Satin/pastel flowers


xxxxxxxxxxxxx5243-SW 2002 xxxxxxxxxxx5243-SY 2002 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxC5243-MP C20133 J Dowler 2002 QVC
xxxxxxxxxxxxSunset Peach Satin xxxxxxxSunset Peach Iridized xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxSunset Iridized Decorated

x x
xxxxxxxxxxxxx5243-RN 2006 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxC5243 CV85843 2011 C28392 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx5243-VX 2011
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxRuby Iridized xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxQVC 4/4th set LE 500 on Orange Slice xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxOrange Slice "Tango"
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxArtist: P Lauderman xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxDesign:Stacy Williams Artist:D Frederick

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx5243-OR xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxSept 2011 FGS exclusive xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxArtist: J Cutshaw xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxOrange slice xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


The 5291 Scaredy cat was first made by Fenton in 2002.
This cat is 4 1/2" tall.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxC5291-2F 2009 C10451 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx5291-RE 2009
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxRosalene HP C Mackey xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxRosalene


The 5318 Egyptian Kitten also called "perky cat" was put into production by Fenton in 2007.
It was designed by sculptor Suzi Whitaker and appeared in the 2007 June supplement in indigo blue.
The June Supplement called this kitty the "Dreaming cat"
This kitten is 3" tall by 3 1/4 " long.


xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx5318-RU 2008 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx5318-3X 2008
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxGolden Star on Ruby
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxTrudy J Mendenhall


The 5335 Mini "Happy Kitty" was first made by Fenton in 2007.
The mould is owned by FAGCA. This cat is 4" tall.

xxx xxx xxx

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxK5335-RU 2009 pair L/R xxxxxxxxxxxK5335-RU 2009 R xxxxxxxK5335-RU 2009 L xxxxF5335-RS 2009 LE 175
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxRuby each xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxRuby xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxRuby xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxRuby Satin


xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxF5335-R7 2009 xxxxxxxxxxxxF5335-OR 2011
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxRaspberry satin xxxxxxxxxxxxxxOrange slice
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxMistake in Rosalene color LE 227 xxxxxFAGCA convention
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxFAGCA convention special room


The 5365 Mini Kitten was first made by Fenton in 1999 .
This kitten is 2 3/4" tall.

x x x x

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx5365-PS 2000 xxxxxx5365-PSs 2000 xxxxxxx5365-CP 2000 xxxxxx5365-CPs 2000 xxxxxxxxx5365-CP satin L Plues 2001
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxPink Chiffon xxxxxxPink Chiffon Satin xxxxxxxEmpress Rose xxxxxEmpress Rose Satin xxxxxxxxxHP Pink Rose gold leaves

x x x x

xxxxxxx5365-NB 2001 xxxxxxx5365-RM 2001 xxxxxxxxxx5365-RN 2001 xxxxxxxxxx5365-N3 2004 xxxxxxxxxxxx5365-N3 2005 "Little Gracie"
xxxxxxxxHugs for You xxxxxxxx Red Carnival set xxxxxxxxxxRed Carnival xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rose Milk xxxxxxxxxxxxx Rose Milk satin HP Pam Fleak
xxxxxxx"Smiles ForYou" xxxxxxxxDamask Rose xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxCrickets Antiques 40/100
xxxxxxxx C Hardman xxxxxxxxxxx R Buskirk

xxxxx xxxxx

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx CV85543 C28407 xxxxxxxxxxx 5365-PJhp xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx5365-CP1 2012
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxQVC 1st set February xxxxxFGS exclusive Sept 2011 xxxxxxxxxxxxFenton Sept 2012 Offering
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxArtist: P Lauderman xxxxxxxxxxArtist: D Fredrick xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Artist: Sue Jackson
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx2011 Madras Pink LE 500 xxxxxxxx Madras Pink xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxEmpress Rose satin