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Each sketchbook is complete, media used varies
Includes watercolor, pencil and pen and ink

Copyright by Jim Pollock

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The sketchbooks were done with a variety of media including watercolor, pencil, pen and ink, pen and ink washes, pastels and other mixed media. The sketchbooks are posted as is with no editing. The number notations of the skechtbooks reflect the year and the number of books completed that year. For instance Sketchbook 04022-- the first two numbers 04 represent the year 2004, the number 022 means this is the 22nd sketchbook done this year. The most current sketchbooks are posted first. As I get more books scanned I will post them if there is interest..

Sketchbook 04027 --Completed between October 17, 2004 and December 19, 2004. Sketches made with two Rotring 600 fountain pens, one using black water soluble Rotring ink and the other using water soluble walnut ink. Washes were made using a Niji waterbrush over the water soluble inks. This 4 inch by 6 inch sketchbook contains 380 drawings of a various day to day subjects. For me, one of the major challenges when sketching on location is to simplify and find the essence of the subject at hand. If ever I could look out at a landscape, put down on paper three lines and one wash and capture the essence of the subject I would consider myself making progress with my drawing. Each page in this sketchbook (after the first two pages) contains 9 small sketches, each roughly 1 by 1.5 inches. My thinking was that if I made the sketches small enough I would be forced to simplify the subject. I'm not sure I accomplished this objective, it seem as though I just put the same amount of detail in a smaller space. Nonetheless, it was a good study exercise and the little thumbnail drawings were fun to do.

Sketchbook 04026 --Completed between October 25, 2004 and November 14, 2004. Mostly watercolors and pen and ink washes. Fall tress, river bottom in fog, landscapes and Veterans Day Program.

Sketchbook 04025 --Completed between September 30, 2004 and October 24, 2004. Mostly watercolors. Watertown, South Dakota area, Location Sketches along Decker Creek near Pollock Homestead, Pollock, South Dakota area, Pierre area, South Dakota State Capitol in distance, trees and flowers.

Sketchbook 04024 --Completed between September 8, 2004 and September 29, 2004. Mostly watercolors, pen and ink washes, some Walnut Ink sketches. Location Sketches of Lewis and Clark re-inactors camp site at Pierre and Ft. Pierre, South Dakota, sketches of Lewis and Clark Keel boat replica at mouth of Bad River, Ft. Pierre, South Dakota, Indians putting up tipi at re-inactment camp along Bad River, Ft. Pierre, South Dakota, landscapes and misc. subjects. .

Sketchbook 04023 --Completed between August 8, 2004 and September 3, 2004. Mostly watercolors, some pen and ink watercolor combinations. Some sketches from South Dakota Badlands, a few flowers, mostly landscapes.

Sketchbook 04022 --Completed between July 25, 2004 and August 7, 2004. Mostly pencil sketches, a few watercolors. Several of the pencil drawings straddle two pages and were done as the sun was setting along Lake Sharpe on the Missouri River System near Pierre, South Dakota. Drawings of Searl Creek trees in the Pollock, South Dakota area.

Sketchbook 04021 --Completed between July 21, 2004 and July 24, 2004. Mostly pencil and pastel sketches. This series of drawings were completed during a 4 day period and are focused on studies of the abstract qualities of trees and river breaks found along the Missouri River System near Pierre, South Dakota.

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