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VIIETNAM COMBAT ART PROGRAM--During the Vietnam War the U.S. Army established a program called the Vietnam Combat Art Program. Teams of soldier artists were sent to Vietnam to make pictorial records for the annals of military history. Nine Combat Art Teams (CATs) operated in Vietnam between June 1966 and January, 1970. Over 40 artists participated in the program and all of the work completed as soldier artists is currently in the U.S. Army Art Collection, Center of Military History, Washington, D.C. Below are links to some of the former Vietnam soldier artists current web sites.

Referenced Information About the US Army Vietnam Combat Artists Program

Roger Blum CAT I

Paul Rickert CAT I

Felix Sancez CAT I

John Wehrle CAT I

Stephen Sheldon CAT III

James Pollock CAT IV

Don R. Schol CAT V

David Fairrington CAT VI

Stephen H. Randall CAT VII

Barry Woods Johnston CAT VII

Vic Reynolds CAT VIII

Artists of the Black Hills (ABH) was founded in 2005 with a common goal of establishing the Black Hills region as a prime source for art. ABH sponsors a major annual show and sale and has undertaken a nationwide advertising campaign. The group works with regional arts organizations, state agencies and commercial entities to foster greater growth and appreciation of the Black Hills as an art center. James Pollock is a signature and founding member of ABH. You can see more of his art by clicking on his name.

Mick Harrison
Mick Harrison is a good friend. We have participated in many of the same art shows, and to the say the least, have shared some interesting experiences in the process. Mick was the driving force behind the founding of Artists of the Black HIlls.

Ray Wattenhofer
Ray Wattenhofer is also a good friend and has traveled with Mick and myself to many of the same shows. From time to time the three of us along with other artists paint on location together.

Rennie MacKay Quinn
Rennie MacKay, my cousin who lives in Texas, relates music and art with what she calls her abstracts.

South Dakota Artists Network (SDAN)
An artists run network that hosts web pages, news, links and other art related information.

South Dakota Plein Aire Artists (SDPAA)
South Dakota Plein Aire Artists (SDPAA) was formed in 2004 to provide a forum for regional artists and enthusiasts who share a passion for Plein Aire. We are an informal organization - Membership is predicated upon an interest in the art of outdoor painting and sketching. Participants range from professionals to amatuers. SDPAA welcomes your interest and invites you to join us at our next "paint out"!

Arts Alive
is a joint effort of the South Dakota Arts Council and South Dakotns for the Arts.

Artist Sketchbooks Online
Scattergood-Moore has one of the best link pages to sketchbook sites I have found. He also has some of his own sketchebook pages posted Scattergood-Moore On-Line Sketchbook

George Pratt Sketchbooks
George Pratt is a successful author and a wonderful artist. I met him when he came to South Dakota for a Harvey Dunn exhibition as part of his research on a doucmentary film he is working on about WWI artists. George PrattŐs sketchbooks are wide ranging, depicting images from his imagination to what is in front of his nose--- and he says he takes a sketchbook wherever he goes. Take a look, it will be worth the time.

Roman Muszynski
A talented and versatile Polish artist who has shared his mail art with me. Check out his photography gallery. Click on the British flag for English versions of the text. If you do not have javascript available you can read about Roman Muszynski in English

Sketchbooks from the Archives of American Art.
Some of the hundreds of sketchbook in the Archives of American Art have been posted. An excellent insight into a variety of different artists and their personal sketchbooks.

A one stop watercolor information source.

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