James Pollock Art

Copyright 2000 James Pollock
Media: Water Color
Size: 11 1/2 inches W x 8 1/2 inches D

  • About James Pollock.

  • James Pollock essay about his experience as a Soldier Artist in Vietnam.
    From August 1966 through 1970 the US Army sent teams of artists into Vietnam to record their experiences as soldier artists. In 1967, Specialist Fourth Class James Pollock was sent to Vietnam as a soldier artist on US Army Vietnam Combat Art Team IV from Aug. 15 to Dec. 31 1967. James writes about his experiences as a combat artist In an essay published by WAR, LITERATURE & THE ARTS, a journal published by the Department of English and Fine Arts at the United States Air Force Academy. .

  • Sketchbook 04026.
    I usually carry a sketchbook and a small watercolor set with me at all times. Most of the sketchbooks are 4 inches by 6 inches in size and easily fit in my pocket. The media most often used is watercolor, ink and pencil. My typical ink instrument is a Rotring 600 fountain pen. The Rotring cartridge ink is watersoluable and I carry a Niji waterbrush to make the ink washes with the Rotring cartridge ink. I also sometimes use Walnut ink which is also watersoluable and suitable for washes. My watercolor kit is a Koi Water Colors Pocket Field Sketch Box which also easily fits into another pocket along with number 8 and 4 Daniel Smith Platinum Synthetic Travel Brushes. I carry water in a small pill container or if I need a little more water than they hold a 4 oz plastic gerber juice jar (for babies). My pockets are full, but I can walk down the street and no one can tell that I am carrying a portable art studio. The sketches were all done on location or as the French say, En Plein Air.
  • Jim Pollock Sketchbook Gallery.
    In addition to the above sketchbook, several more complete and unedited sketchbooks using various media including watercolor, pen and ink and pencil.

  • James Pollock Watercolor Gallery.
    Several examples of my watercolors are posted in this gallery.

  • James Pollock Pen and Ink Gallery.
    Several examples of my pen and ink drawings along with the idea sketch for each drawing. I like to call the drawings whimsical imaging, and they are fun to do.

  • Projects and Events.
    This page details special art related events. One of particular note is the collaboration of South Dakota Plein Aire Artists and the South Dakota Symphony Orchestra. James Pollock and other South Daktoa Plein Aire Artists were invited interpret, sketch and paint from the stage wings of the Great Hall in the Washington Pavillion of Arts and Science while the South Dakota Symphony Orchestra played Modest Mussorgsky's PICTURES AT AN EXHIBITION. An interesting mix of art and music.

  • James Pollock Resume.
    An edited resume of exhibits and awards of James Pollock.

  • James Pollock Gallery.
    A cross selection of art by James Pollock.

  • James Pollock Interviews.
    The artist answers questions about his art and his views on art. Students are encouraged to interview the artist by e-mail for school projects. The artist can be contacted at: jpollockATpie.midco.net

  • Vietnam Combat Art
    On this site was James Pollock paintings and drawings while serving as a soldier artist in Vietnam, originals are housed in the U.S. Army Center of Military History War Art Collection in Washington, D.C. News articles, and documents on the U.S. Army Vietnam Combat Art Program. Inludes a short history and overview of the U.S. Army Vietnam Combat Art Program given by Jim Pollock on July 15, 2003 at the U.S. Library of Congress before the Library of Congress Professional Association (LCPA) Veterans Forum

  • One Day in Vietnam.
    James Pollock writes an account of one day's experience while serving as a soldier artist in Vietnam.

  • The Last Waltz: River of Art.
    In December of 1999, James Pollock traveled to Stockholm, Sweden to participate in an international art exhibit entitled THE LAST WALTZ. The exhibit opened December 4, 1999 and was located at the Greek Cultural Center in Stockholm. A second exhibit which opened March 11, 2000 at Gallery Benjamin in Bjarred, Sweden.

  • Old Pollock Historic Marker Text.
    Text of Historic Marker located north of Pollock, South Dakota that describes how the town was moved half a mile to avoid being flooded by Oahe Dam.

  • Lewis and Clark Historic Marker Text.
    Text of Lewis and Clark Historic Marker located north of Pollock, South Dakota.

  • James Pollock Referenced Biographical Information

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