Dear Grandma and Grandpa,
I want to know all about you and our family. You have a wonderful story to tell, please share it with me.

Tell me about your family:
What about your grandparents---

Did they ever tell you stories about when they were little?

Are you like any of your grandparents in any way?

Do you think I am like any of your grandparents?

Do you have a favorite grandparent memory?

Do you have something that belonged to your grandparents?
Now tell me about your parents---

Do you know any stories about when they were young?

Do you know how they met each other?

How many wedding anniversaries did they celebrate together?

Can you tell me something special you remember about each of your parents?

Who do you resemble the most?

Do I resemble either of your parents?
What other relatives or family friends have been important to you?

Can you tell me their names and why they are special?

Are any of our relatives known for doing something unusual?

Do you remember a favorite family recipe?

Who is the oldest relative you ever met?

Did they tell you any interesting stories about our family?
What were you like when you were little?

What's your earliest memory?

Did you ever get into trouble for doing something you weren't supposed to? What was it? How old were you?

What was one of your greatest adventures when you were small?

What's one of the funniest things that ever happened to you when you were young?

What were your dreams for the future when you were a teenager?

Did you have a "crush" on anyone in high school?

What did you like about that person?

Who were your best friends when you were growing up? What did you do together?

Tell me about the other children in your family and how you got along with them.

What did your family like to do together?
Grandma and Grandpa, tell me about your life together:

How did you meet?

How old were you?

What were you doing at the time?

When did you first know you wanted to marry?

Were you engaged? How long?

What was your wedding like?

Did you go someplace special on a honeymoon?

What surprised you the most about your new spouse after you were married?

What were your first years together were like?

How many children did you want?

Tell me the story of my parent's birth?

What did you think the day my parent was born?

How did you choose my parent's name?

Did my parent remind you of anyone else in your family?

What was my parent like as a child?

What's one of the most mischievous things my parent ever did?

What about my parent made you especially proud?

Tell me about your children when they were young.

What kinds of things did you all like to do together?
Tell me what makes our family special:

As a teenager, what did my parent do that worried you the most?

What's the funniest thing my parent ever did?

Can you tell me your favorite story about being my parent's parent?

Did my parent have any special interest or achievements as a teenager?

When it was time for my parent to move out and leave home, how did you feel?

When did you first meet my parent's spouse?

How did you feel when they decided to marry?

What was their wedding like?

Do you have a favorite memory of their wedding day?

Now, tell me what you thought when you first saw me.
Tell me about places important to you:

What countries did your families originally come from?

Do you know why and when they moved here?

Did they bring any traditions with them?

Where and when were you born?

Where did you live when you were growing up?

Tell me about the family home you remember most.

What was your room like?

Did you have to share it?

Did you have a special place you liked to go when you were a child?

Was there any place that was scary?

Where did you go to school?

Did you like school?

Which subject was your favorite?

What school activities did you enjoy?

Did you have a part-time job? Where?

How much money did you make?

Where did you spend holidays and other vacations?

What kinds of entertainment did you enjoy?

Where did you move when you left your family's home?

How old were you then?

Where was your first full-time job?

What did you do?

Where else have you worked?

Where was your first home after you married?

What was it like?

Did you raise your family there?

Where were you when I was born?

Tell me about things when you were young:

Did you have a favorite toy?

Do you remember an outfit you really loved?

What was the very best present you ever received?

What's the most memorable gift you ever gave?

Do you remember when you got your first skates or bicycle?

How did you learn to get around on your new "wheels"?

How old were you when you learned to drive a car?

What kind of car was it?

Who taught you?

What was the first car you owned?

Do you remember how much it cost?

Tell me about any "fads" you can remember during your teen years.

Now tell me about your all-time favorite:

book, movie star, music, singer, food, anything else?

Tell me some things I take for granted that were invented in your lifetime.

What was life like without them?

What year was it when you were 21?

I wonder what some of these things cost:

soda pop? bread? stamps? bus rides? comic books? movies? candy bars? gasoline? nice house?
Tell me about the interesting times of your life:

What was happening in the world the year you were born?

When you were a child or teenager, what world events were taking place?

Was there a time that you remember being especially fun or significant?

What were the major news stories when you were starting a family of your own? Which political figure do you remember most and why?

Can you remember a time or an event that changed your life?
Tell me about special times in our family:

Do we have a traditional way to celebrate holidays?

What family weddings do you remember most?

What other memorable occasions have taken place in our family?

How has life changed since your grandparents' time?

How do you think times have changed between your childhood and mine?

What do you hope the future brings for me?

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