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    Valentine's Day is such a fun and happy holiday. Valentines are either made or bought.
    They are exchanged and, sometimes, to be saved for years. There are heart-shaped boxes of chocolates, flowers, and special greeting cards. The custom of Valentine's Day has traveled through the ages, from very early beginnings.
    There are many legends about how Valentine's Day got its name long ago, but nobody knows exactly why we celebrate Valentine's Day or when it started. Some scholars think that Valentine's Day was originally the Lupercalia, a joyous Roman feast for lovers that was celebrated around what is now February 14 on our calendar. When the Romans became Christians, the Lupercalia was replaced by a holiday in honor of St. Valentine, a Christian martyr. St. Valentine, who died more than 1700 years ago, is now popularly considered to be the patron saint of lovers. And St. Valentine's Day has become the time to tell people you like them by sending greetings called, of course, "valentines".
    The heart shape we have come to know and use for love, does not represent the human heart. Because it represents the feeling between two equal loves, the heart shape has two even and symmetrical halves joined in the middle. Both sides of the heart actually make one love. This became the symbol for St. Valentine and then the target for Cupid. When Cupid shoots his love arrow through the heart, it stitches it together and cannot be separated.

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    Centuries ago, an evil king imprisoned a friendly priest named Valentine. Under a churchyard garden, full of flowers that bloom in the sun, he was made to live in a dark prison cell. Children came to play and sing and amuse themselves in the garden. The children's laughter gave gentle Valentine pleasure.
    One day a small white dove flew onto his windowsill. He gave the dove a letter to deliver to the children. Then every day he would send a message to his friends. And today these same thoughts are found in valentines.

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    Once there was only Darkness and Chaos. Out of Darkness came Eros, the name for love in ancient times. When Eros and Chaos met they created a family. Their children were the ocean, earth, air, and all creatures including people.
    Eros became known to people as the spirit of love. Later in ancient Rome, Eros was called Cupid.
    Some people say when they fall in love, they actually feel their hearts flutter as though they had been struck with a love potion carried on a tiny invisible arrow. So the story of Cupid was expanded to say he had a small bow and a quiver of invisible gold-tipped arrows covered in magic love potions. When Cupid was drawn, he was made small to match the size of his bow and arrows. Wings were added so he could fly anywhere he wanted. Cupid was said to be childlike and innocent, knowing only true love. So the picture of Cupid was an almost naked, chubby child with wings, a bow, and a quiver full of love arrows flying overhead looking for hearts to shoot full of love.

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Is My Valentine at the Zoo?
Write down the first letter of each line for the mystery phrase (two words).

Valentine, valentine, who will you be?
A yawning sloth that hangs from a tree, or a
Long-legged giraffe with big brown eyes,
Elusive elephant of enormous size,
Nattering parrot or yackety yak,
Thirsty camel with a hump on his back,
Itching monkey, bumbling old bear,
Nosy narwhale, or panda rare,
Earnest emu who cannot fly,
Smallest chickadee in the sky, or

Dandy kangaroo who bounds so high?
All of these animals in the zoo
Yearn to be mine...but I'd rather have you!

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Cabbage always has a heart; Green beans string along.
You're such a cute tomato, Will you peas to me belong?
You've been the apple of my eye, You know how much I care;
So lettuce get together, We'd make a perfect pear.

Now, something's sure to turnip to prove you can't be beet;
So, if you carrot all for me let's let our tulips meet.
Don't squash my hopes and dreams now, Bee my honey, dear;
Or tears will fill potato's eyes, While sweet corn lends an ear.

I'll cauliflower shop and say, Your dreams are parsley mine.
I'll work and share my celery, So be my valentine.
--------by Jeanne Losey--------

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    "SWEET" SENTIMENTS WITH TREATS - - for your favorite Valentine

  • CINNAMON LIPS. "Read my lips", please be my Valentine!
  • M & M'S. Have a "Magnificent" & "Marvelous" Valentines Day! Be my Valentine!
  • CONVERSATION HEARTS. Hey Valentine, I want to have a "chat" with you! Will you be my Valentine?
  • REESES PEANUT BUTTER CUPS. Hey "Butter Cup", there are many "Reesses" why I want you as my Valentine! or There are many "Reeses" why I love you. Please be mine!
  • MOUNDS. I have "Mounds" of love for you Valentine!
  • SMARTIES. "Smarties" come and "Smarties" go, but you're the best I'll ever know! or of all the "Smarties" you're the best, my love for you will never rest! Happy Valentines Day!
  • SWEETTARTS.. "Sweettart" I Love You! or Hey "Sweettart", Be my Valentine! or a I'm lucky because you're my "Sweettart".
  • HERSHEYS HUGS & KISSES. Valentine wishes with "Hugs" and "Kisses!! or "Hugs" and "Kisses" - I Love you! vMILKY WAY. I'd ride the "Milky Way" for you. Please be my Valentine!
  • SUGAR DADDY. Hey "Sugar Daddy"...Be my Valentine! or You're my "Sugar Daddy" Valentine!
  • BUTTERFINGER. I'm going to "Butter" up to you, because I want you to be my Valentine!! Happy Valentines Day!
  • BABY RUTH. Hey "Baby", won't you be my Valentine?
  • CORN NUTS or CAN OF NUTS. I'm nuts over you. or I'm "nuts" about you, please be my Valentine!
  • SOUR PATCH BABIES. "Pucker up baby" and be my Valentine!
  • MARS. You send me soaring to "Mars"! Be my Valentine!
  • SUGAR BABIES. Hey "Sugar Baby", will you be my Valentine? or I wanna be your "Sugar Baby" Valentine!
  • TOOTSIE ROLL. Hey "Tootsie" will you be my Valentine?
  • GUM. I "Chews" you for my Valentine! or By gum you're special.
  • BAR NONE. You are the "Greatest" Valentine, "Bar None"!!
  • SKOR. You "Skor" #1 with me Valentine!
  • ORANGE SLICES. "Orange" you glad I like you? Please be my Valentine!
  • ALMOND JOY. May the "Joy" and Love you give away, come back to you this Valentines Day!
  • HERSHEYS HUGS. A friend always knows when you need a "Hug". Happy Valentines Day!
  • HERSHEYS KISSES. A Valentine wish sealed with a big "Kiss"! Happy Valentines Day!!
  • CINNAMON OR GUMMI BEARS. You know I like you "Beary" much! Be my Valentine! or You're a "Beary" sweet Valentine! Be mine!
  • EXTRA GUM. You go the "Extra" mile with me Valentine! Happy Valentines Day!
  • CHARM LOLLIPOP. You have many "Charms". I like them all! Happy Valentines Day!
  • LIFESAVERS. Thanks for being my "Lifesaver" Valentine! Happy Valentines Day!!
  • BIG HUNK. Hey "Big Hunk" will you be mine?
  • BIT O HONEY. You are a "Bit O Honey" to me Valentine! Please be mine!!
  • JUNIOR MINTS. These treats are "mint" to wish you a Happy Valentines Day! or You're worth a "mint" to me!
  • JOLLY RANCHERS (watermelon). Valentine, you are one in a "Melon"! Happy Valentines Day! or You make my heart "Jolly"! Please be mine!
  • BUBBLE GUM. My heart "Bubbles" over with love for you! Happy Valentine's Day!
  • U-NO. "U-NO" I Love you!...please be mine! or I hope "U-NO" how much I love you.
  • LOOK. "Look" who I want to be my Valentine! or "Look" who wants you for a Valentine! Please be mine!
  • CHOCOLATE COINS. You're my "Treasure" Valentine!
  • WHOPPERS. You're a "Whopper" of a Valentine! Please be mine!
  • CINN-A-BURST GUM. My heart "Bursts" when I think of you! Please be my Valentine!
  • 100,000 BAR. You're worth a "100 Grand" to me! Be mine!
  • COOKIES. You're a smart cookie. Be my Valentine.
  • CAN OF SPICES. You add lots of spice to my life.
  • RULER OR MEASURING TAPE. No one measures up to you.
  • LUCKY CHARMS. I'm lucky to have you as a Valentine.
  • APPLE. You are the apple of my eye.
  • LIGHT BULBS. I light up whenever I think of you.
  • SUCKER. I can't lick my problems without you.
  • CRUNCH CANDY BAR. If life has lost it's flavor and you feel you're in a crunch just remember you are loved very, very much.
  • CRACKER JACKS. You're a cracker jack friend.
  • GRAPES, BANANAS. 1 love you a bunch.
  • CRACKLE BAR, RICE CRISPY TREATS. Thanks for putting snap, crackle and pop into our marriage (friendship).
  • CAKE. You're the icing on the cake in our friendship.

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    Right click and do a "save as" to save and print out the word scramble. The answers are below.

    Word Scramble Answers:


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    Paper Corner Heart Bookmark

    These cute bookmarks slip over the corner of the page to mark your place in a book. They can be made using an envelope by placing the pattern in the corner, then you don't have to use the glue tabs. If using construction paper, cut away the glue tab on the back and only fold and glue the front tab.

    >To print out pattern, you must first save the image to your file, right click and "save as". Then print as desired.

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    Cupid's Sweet Arrow
    A sweet treat that's easy and inexpensive what more could you want?

    Materials needed:
    one roll wild cherry Lifesavers or a pack of gum with red outside paper)
    one 6-inch bamboo skewer
    red construction paper for heart, or a cinnamon heart candy
    red foil paper or tissue paper approximately 1-1/2 inches long and 5 inches wide
    transparent tape
    craft glue

    Fringe the foil or tissue paper by cutting narrow strips along the width, about 1 inch long. Apply a small amount of the tape on one end of the uncut portion of paper. Attach tape to blunt end of skewer. Twist the paper around the skewer and fasten with another piece of tape to form the arrow "feather".
    Poke pointed end of bamboo skewer through center of candy roll then into the candy heart. Or if you want to use paper hearts, cut two about 1-1/2 inches across then glue them together with the skewer sandwiched between.

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    FIRST: Stack two 7" squares of origami paper; fold all corners to the center.
    SECOND: flip papers over and fold all corners to center again.
    THIRD: Push two opposite corners inwards and carefully pull out the four flaps.

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    You can make these heart-shaped boxes in any size for your Valentine gift-giving, then personalize them with felt-tip pen designs, stamps or glued-on gift-wrap.


    Materials needed:
    lightweight cardboard
    ribbon, yarn or sting for bows
    You will also need a compass, a ruler, pencil, scissors, glue stick, dull knife, and a hole punch.

    To begin, make boxes following the three steps shown in the instruction pictures, using circles of any size. If coloring with pens, or decorating with stamps, add your design before folding the heart. For covering with gift-wrap, glue a circle of wrap to a circle of lightweight cardboard, then mark your cut-and-fold pattern on the cardboard side. During folding, make sure pencil marks are inside. Stuff hearts with tissue paper and presents or flowers, etc; then secure open area with a bow.

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    I love the conversations heart candy sold before Valentine's Day, but they are about impossible to find any other time of the year. This craft will allow you to have these sweet little words with you whenever you wish. (Be sure to save a few hearts to munch on!)


    Materials needed:
    Pastel colored cardstock cut 1 inch x 3-1/2 inches
    Hair clip backing, 1/8 inch x 3 inches
    Low temperature glue gun
    27 small conversation hearts
    clear spray sealer
    Round the corners of the cardstock piece. With the glue gun, glue a first layer of 17 hearts as shown on the cardstock. Then glue 10 hearts on top of the first layer. Spray with sealer and let dry. Then, center hair clip on the cardstock and glue in place with glue gun.

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    This little airplane can be a fun little valentine for a friend, or make a different label for another occasion.

    Materials needed:
    Smarties Candy
    Stick gum
    2-inch-long thin rubberband

    Print out the label for the gum. Glue it around one stick of gum.
    Put rubber band through two unwrapped Lifesavers candy, then lay the roll of Smarties between them, then the gum on top. Pull the rubber band up and over each side of the gum to secure the "wings".

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