Updated - February 4, 2004

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Thanksgiving Crafts:

Hershey's® Kisses Flowers or Acorns
Use pink or red cellophane for roses. Browns and golds for acorns, or clear with the holiday kisses that are wrapped in colored foil.

Cut cellophane into 4-1/2 inch squares.
Hold two kisses with flat bottoms together. Place both in center of square. Bring all four corners of square together. Insert one end of a 6-inch piece of 18-gauge wire between layers of square. Stretching floral tape tightly, begin wrapping all edges of square to wire just under kisses, to bottom of wire, wrapping in silk leaves as desired.

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Nut Turkey
This little turkey could be used as a party favor or just a small gift.

1-1/2 inch wooden heart (1/8 inch thick)
orange chenille stem, cut
whole walnut in shell
hazelnut (filbert) in shell
silk Fall leaf
3mm bead eyes
scraps of yellow and red felt

Hot glue the walnut to the heart, with the pointed ends of each going the same way (this is the tail of the turkey). Cut the chenille stem just so it will make a U' around the nut and folding about 3/8 inch of each end to form the feet. Glue the hazelnut on top for the head, cut a wattle and beak as shown in the picture. Glue the leaf on the back for the tail.

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Tootsie Pop Turkey

Need: 1-inch brown pompom
small wiggle eyes
1-inch piece yellow chenille stem
two 4-inch pieces red chenille stems
two 4-inch pieces yellow or beige chenille stems
one 4-inch piece green chenille stem

Twist ends of each of the 4-inch pieces of chenille stems together to form 5 separate loops. (2 red, 2 yellow, 1 green).
Hot glue them to Tootsie pop, as in picture.
Glue pompom to top as shown, then glue on wiggle eyes.
Bend the yellow piece of stem into a u' shape and glue it on for beak.

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Blessings Snack Mix

The mix consists of Bugles chips, pretzels, Candy Corns, nuts or sunflower seeds, Dried fruits (raisins, dates, apricots, etc.) M&M's, and one Hershey's Kiss. I put about 1/8 cup of each except the Bugles and pretzels--those I did about 1/4 cup each. You can put them in a zip-lock bag or a fancy celophane bag tied with a ribbon. I just stapled the saying on to the bag--easy!
Click on the picture for the link to the saying. You can either print it or save it to your own disk and then print more than one to a page.

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Felt Turkey Goodie Bag

Materials needed:
Yellow felt
Orange felt
Brown felt
Red felt
12 mm wiggle eyes

Cut out all pieces of felt as shown on pattern pieces for color and how many. Cut incision on bck body piece as shown on pattern for insertion of candy.

Attach front and back body pieces together (either sewing or gluing), leaving entire bottom edge open. Attach feet to bottom front edge, pointing outward as in diagram. Now attach bottom piece, glue or sew all the way around (leave no openings).

Tail pieces are best glued on as this gives the tail some stiffness to stand up. Glue front tail section to back tail section by applying glue liberally, then set under a book or something heavy so it will dry flat. When dry attach tail section to bottom back section of the turkey at bottom edge only. Let dry.

Lay turkey on back to work on face and front. Looking at the placement chart, glue red waddle, beak, eyes, and wings where indicated.

Fill with mints or bag of candy through slit in back. This will make the turkey stand up.


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Light bulb Turkey

Materials needed:
Burned-out light bulb
Wooden heart- 1-1/4 to 1-1/2 inches wide
Golf tee or 3/16-inch wooden dowel and a pencil sharpener
Fall print material - 1/4 yard or scraps of at least 5 different prints
Stiff interfacing or felt - 1/2 yard
Plastic curtain ring - 1-inch
Fall colored button - 1/2-inch or less
Tacky glue
Acrylic paints - brown, black, orange, red, and white

If wooden dowel is used for beak, cut off a 4-inch length and sharpen end to a dull point. Paint orange, when dry cut off 1/2-inch for the beak.
Glue the curtain ring to the top of the bulb, so the turkey will have a base to glue to the feet. Paint bulb and ring brown. Let dry. Paint screw-in base and the wooden heart black. Let dry.
Using face pattern, paint face and let dry.
For the feathers and wings, I fused the material to felt ( I used gold because it blended in with the material) and then cut them out. This gave the stiffness I wanted without much fuss!
Glue the vest, wings and feathers to the bulb following the picture placement. Pull the hat brim on, glue on a button at the front of the vest overlap, and then glue on the beak. Glue to wooden heart for feet and stand.


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Pilgrim's Hats Goodie Cups

Pilgrim Hats Goodie Cups

Materials needed:
Black and White Felt
Black and White Craft Foam
3/8-inch yellow ribbon
3/8-inch white ribbon
Silver dimensional paint
3 or 4-ounce plastic cups
5-inch piece of 24 gauge wire, optional for tag holder
Glue Stick
Hot Glue
Patterns for Felt and Foam Page 1Page 2
Patterns for tag poem (these work best printed on cardstock) 1 tag,   10 tags on a sheet

I have made patterns for 3-ounce and 4-ounce size plastic cups. Just depends on what you can find in your area. The 4-ounce is the "normal" bathroom size cup.
Cut out cup covers and top covers from felt for each cup you are going to make (black for boy hat, white for girl hat). Cut 1 bonnet piece from out of white felt for each girl. Using the bottom of the cup (really the top--the open end), trace on white foam a bottom for the girl hat. Cut 1 brim from foam for each boy hat. Glue covers and top covers onto cups (I use regular glue stick for this part as it is easier).

For the Boy Hat, glue a yellow ribbon around the bottom (widest end). Using the silver paint draw a square on top of the ribbon in the front for the buckle. Let dry. Fill with treats, then hot glue onto the brim.
For the Girl Hat, on the Bonnet piece, fold as shown on pattern, the cut tiny slits close to the fold for ribbon tie. Put ribbon ends through slits and hot glue to secure the ribbon and the fold. Hot glue the bonnet in place on the cup as shown in the picture, making sure the fold covers the top of the cup nicely. Tie the ribbon into a bow. Fill the cup with treats, then hot glue the bottom (from the foam) in place.
For a tag holder, wrap one end of the piece of wire around your finger a few times, slip it off and flatten so it will hold the tag or a name for a place holder. Slip the wire between the cup cover and the cup in the back.

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