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Ghost Word Search
To save the ghost word search and answers so you can print them out, do a "save as" on both (two separate images).

Ghost Word Search


Ghost Word Search Answers

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Twirling Ghost
Twirling Ghost
Twirling Ghost Pattern  

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Flying Bat
Flying Bat
This 'finger toy' is easy to make and fun to play with.

Materials needed:
Black or brown construction paper
Scissors, stapler and staples
Markers and white crayon or paint

staple linePrint out pattern and use as a template, or print directly (remember to set print margins to zero)on construction paper. If you want to print on black paper, use the green pattern--it will show up on the black paper good enough to see the cutting lines. Fold the paper on the dotted line and then cut out the bat. Leave bat folded; measure and mark a dotted line 1" from fold. Use markers to outline the wings, draw feet, eyes, mouth, fangs, and ears on each side of the bat. Or you can leave it plain. Staple front of bat two times along marked line. Open wings and press flat. For body, press center of bat flat. Place bat on first finger and move hand up and down to flap wings.



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This scarecrow looks cute just hanging on the wall, or fasten a string to his hat and hang him from the ceiling.

Print patterns out on cardstock. Cut out pieces. Attach the arms and legs to the body with metal paper fasteners through places marked with circles on all pieces.
Black and white-- body pattern / arms & legs pattern
Colored-- body pattern / arms & legs pattern


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Spider Party Hat
Spider Hat
This party hat is so fun---you really can't get the idea of the bouncing legs until you put him on!!!

Materials needed:
Black and orange construction paper
Ruler, scissors and glue or tape

Cut eight strips of black paper 1-1/2" by 9" (these will be the legs).
Cut two strips 2" by 11" (these you will need to glue together to make the 2" by 22" hat band).
Cut two 2" black circles, two 1-1/2" orange circles, two 1" black circles (these are the eyes).
OR you can print and cut out the colored eyes pattern.

Follow the sketch for the placement of eyes.
Fit the 2" wide strips, that were glued together, around the person's head-- overlap and glue ends together. Glue the eyes to the hat band with the eyes touching as shown. Fold the leg strips in half, then fold one end of each leg strip back 1" for the foot. Glue the straight end to the inside edge of the hat band. Fold and glue remaining legs. You will have four legs on each side of your hat as shown.

Put it on and have fun bouncing up and down!!!!


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Pumpkin (Or Ghost) Bags
These fat round pumpkins and wide-eyed ghosts are ideal for party favors or hand-out for Halloween.

To make them, start out with a flat bottomed paper bag. I used lunch sacks for the individual treats, but you could use grocery sacks, too. Cut off about 1/2 of the bag, then fold what is now the top down inside of the bag about half way. With staples or tape, attach one piece of double-folded tissue paper to each side of the bag. I used about 1-1/2 times the width of the bag-side for the width of the paper. Fill with goodies, then gather tissue paper at top and tie with ribbon or string. If desired, decorate with a face with features cut out of paper.


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Candy Corn Treat Jar
Choose whatever fabric print and candy that you like to adapt this project for another occasion.

Materials needed:
Baby food jar (or any size jar you want)
Enough candy corn to fill jar
Black and White paints- to be able to wash the jar after it is painted, use air-dry enamel paints
Clear satin glaze for air-dry enamel paints or clear gloss glaze
5-inch square of Halloween print fabric
Ribbon or raffia


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Easy Baby Bear & Pom Pom Pumpkin
This project should be used only as a decoration, NOT as a toy!

Materials needed:
Brown Pom-poms: 1-1/2"-one, for head; 1"-two, for feet; 3/4"-six, for hands, tail, muzzle and ears; 5mm-one, for nose
Cotton fabric, 3" x 8"
Satin ribbon, 1/4" wide, 10 inches
Chenille stem
Moving eyes, two - 10mm
Matching thread, sewing needle
Glue gun and glue sticks
Make the body: To make arms and legs, fold fabric in half lengthwise with right sides facing; sew along 8" side to form a tube. Turn tube right side out. Cut long tube into shorter tubes measuring 3" and 5".
From chenille stem, cut one 2-3/4" and one 4-3/4" length. For arms, insert short chenille stem into 3" fabric tube. For hands, finger gather ends of tube around chenille stem; glue one 3/4" pom-pom to each end. For legs, insert long chennille stem into 5" fabric tube. For feet, glue one 1" pom-pom to each end of tube in same way as hands.
To assemble arms and legs to form body, bring centers of legs and arms together; twist chenille stem tightly around centers.
For head, glue 1-1/2" pom-pom to twisted chenille stem on top of arms.
For muzzle, glue one 3/4" pom-pom to bottom center of head. For nose, glue black pom-pom to top center of muzzle. Glue moving eyes, close together, above muzzle. For ears glue two 3/4" pom-poms to top of head. For tail, glue 3/4" pom-pom to back of bear. Tie ribbon into a bow, glue bow beneath head.

For Pom-Pom Pumpkin (see picture above):
1" orange pom-pom
10mm green pom-pom
Glue green 'stem' on top on orange 'pumpkin'


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Black Cat Nut Cup

Materials needed:
Nut cup or tiny basket
Black chenille stem
1" black pom-pom
Moving eyes
5mm pink pom-pom for nose
Heavy thread for whiskers
Black felt for ears
Cut chenille stem into two 3-1/4" pieces for legs and one 6" piece for back and tail. Bend two small pieces for the legs into half circles. Hot glue each to cup, front and back, with 'feet' about 1" apart. (They will look like handles.) Wrap the long piece of chenille stem around the top of the legs to form the back and tail. Glue pom-pom in place, cut small triangle ears out of black felt and glue onto pom-pom head. Glue on eyes, whiskers and nose.

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Spider Napkin Holder

Materials needed:
For each spider: one 1-1/2" black pom-pom
Moving eyes
Black chenille stem
Glue eyes onto pom-pom. Cut chenille stem into two 4" and one 5" pieces. Form the 5" piece into a circle, glue onto middle of bottom. Glue other two pieces to either side of circle for legs.

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Bat Basket
Basket measures 2-1/2" wide x 3" high x 1-1/2" deep. Bat is 5-1/2" wide x 3" high.

Materials needed for basket:
One 10-1/2" x 13-1/2" sheet of 7 mesh plastic canvas, worsted weight yarn and #16 tapestry needle.
Follow charts and follow stitching to work basket pieces. Join sides to front and back. For bottom, cut a piece of plastic canvas 16 x 11 threads (Note: bottom is not worked.) Join bottom to unworked edges of front, back and sides. (Note: If desired, you don't have to stitch any of the canvas, if you use black canvas, just join with a whip stitch around edges.

Materials needed for bat:
Black felt, 8" of 3/16" orange ribbon, two 2" black pom-poms, one 5mm orange pom-pom, two 10mm moving eyes, hot glue gun and glue sticks or clear-drying craft glue.
Use patterns to cut two ears and two wings from black felt. Refer to photo and diagram to assemble bat. For body, glue black pom-poms together. For nose, glue orange pom-pom to head. Glue moving eyes to head. Glue ears into top of head. Glue wings into sides of body. Tie ribbon in a bow and trim ends. Glue bow to body.


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Flowerpot Pumpkin
Fun for Halloween treats. Use any size flowerpot.

Seal-- Smooth out any bumps or dents on the clay pot with sandpaper. Seal the pot and saucer, inside and out, with wood sealer or clear varnish. Let dry.
Paint-- Paint both, inside and out, with orange acrylic paint. Let dry. To sponge paint the stripes, dampen a kitchen sponge and dip one corner into yellow paint. Dab sponge on scrap paper to remove extra paint. Lightly pat paint stripes down the pumpkin pot sides and across the saucer for the lid. Let dry. Paint face details. Let dry. Hot glue on a piece of dowel or real twig on the top for a stem. For tendrils, wrap green floral wire around a pencil and slide off. Glue tendrils and silk ivy leaves to the top with the stem.

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Crocheted Buttonhole (or Pin) Spider

This spider has a buttonhole in the center of it so you can button it to your shirt.
Or you could glue a safety pin to the under side to be able to pin it on your clothes.

  Black Worsted Weight Yarn--about 9 yards
  Size F crochet hook
  2 small white pearls or beads for eyes
FINISHED SIZE: Body is about 2" - the legs are about 1-1/2" long, but they curl under slightly.

Ch 5, sl st in 1st ch to form ring.
Rnd 1: Ch 2 (counts as first dc), 11 dc in ring. Sl st to top of ch 2. Ch 1
Rnd 2: --LEG--(in next dc; sc, ch 8, turn, sl st in 2nd ch and in each of next 6 ch, sc in dc again) repeat in next 3 dc.
--HEAD--In next dc; sc,dc,tr. In next dc; tr,dc,sc.
Repeat LEG 4 times. Sc in last 2 dc. Join with sl st in 1st sc. Fasten off.
Glue beads on for eyes. If you want it for a pin--glue pin finding or safety pin on underside.


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Crocheted Pumpkin

  Orange worsted weight yarn
  F or G crochet hook

Body of Pumpkin:
Round 1: ch4, 13dc in 3rd ch from hook, sl st in 1st dc to join.
Round 2: ch3, dc in same as joining, 2dc in each remaining dc, sl st to join. (28dc-counting ch2 as 1st dc)
Round 3 & 4: ch3, dc in each dc around. Join.
Round 5: ch3, dc in each of next 4dc, decrease 1 dc over next 2dc, *1dc in each of next 5dc, decrease 1dc over next 2dc. Repeat from * to end. Join. (24 dc, counting ch3 as 1st dc)
Finish off.

Lid of Pumpkin
Round 1:ch4, 13dc in 3rd ch from hook.
Round 2: ch3, dc in same dc as joining,dc in next dc,(2dc in next, dc next)around. (21dc)
Round 3: ch3, dc in same dc as joining, (dc next 2, 2dc next)around. Finish off, leaving a piece of yarn long enough to join lid to body of pumpkin.


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Ghost Wind Twirler

Milk carton ghost pattern

Trace ghost pattern on to side of milk carton and cut out. Draw face with permanent marker on both sides of the plastic. Using a hole-punch, make holes in top and bottom of ghost. Thread strong string or fishing line through top hole for a hanger. Thread string or fishing line through bottom hole and fasten a bell on the end for weight and a little music as the wind blows.


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Ghost Cup Hugger

Ghost Cup Hugger pattern

Print out ghost pattern onto cardstock, or copy onto craft foam, and cut out. Color tie, draw features if using craft foam, and glue around an 8-ounce paper cup. Fill with treats.


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