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Squeeze Bunny

Squeeze Bunny

Items needed:
  a plastic jug (one that previously held milk, bleach or such is ideal.
    (2-liter beverage bottles don't work well because of the curve of the bottle)
  size C crochet hook
  tapestry needle
  paper punch that makes 1/8 inch round holes
  two 3/4 inch brass fasteners
  two 10mm moving eyes
  one 1/2 inch pink pompom
  one 1-1/2 inch white pompom
  craft glue
  white button/carpet thread
   Patterns for ears and body pieces from pattern page.

    Begin by washing the discarded jug thoroughly and removing labels and glue. (Depending on its size, more than one jug may be necessary.) For each rabbit, cut three body pieces and two ear pieces from the plastic.
    If using a bleach bottle, cut as shown in example to get the least amount of curve in each piece:

Next, use the paper punch to make holes around the outer edge as indicated on the pattern.
    Beginning at an end of each piece, make a single crochet three times in each hole all around. Fasten off, leaving about 20 inches of yarn remaining on body pieces and 2 to 3 inches on ear pieces.
When all five pieces have a crocheted edge around them, work in loose ends of ear pieces and set them aside.
    Take one body piece (to form the bottom of the rabbit) and sew one side of each of the other pieces to it with a tapestry needle.

(Correctly sewn, the three pieces will roughly form a triangle.) Then sew each end up about 1 inch on either side of the opening.

Work in any remaining loose ends.
    Take a brass fastener and push it through the bottom hole of one ear piece and bottom end hole of one body piece. Secure fastener. Repeat with other ear and other side of body. Glue moving eyes over head of brass fasteners. To create the whiskers, thread three strands of button/carpet thread through center area between eyes and double knot to fasten. Trim ends even. Glue pink pompom over knot. Glue white pompom at other end for rabbit's tail.

    When glue is dry, fill the squeeze bunny with jelly beans or other Easter treats.

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Knit Chick
Knit Chick

    Size 8 knitting needles
    yellow knitting worsted yarn
Instructions for chick to fit over a large plastic egg. (Instructions for chick to fit regular size plastic egg or hard boiled egg in parentheses.)
Cast on 32 (24) sts.
First 4 (3) rows: K2, P2 across.
Next 14 (10) rows: K across.
Next row: Bind off first 10 (7) sts, then K remaining 22 (17) sts.
Next row: Bind off first 10 (7) sts, then K remaining 12 (10) sts.
Next 10 (6) rows: K across.
Bind off, fold in half, sew together with yarn.
Add features: small bead for eyes, red felt comb, orange beak, yarn loops for tail.

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Crocheted Easter Duck

 Crocheted Duck

    Use 4-ply yarn (white for duck and pastel for hat)
    Size G crochet hook
    Plastic beak (or you could use felt to fashion a beak)
    Plastic eyes-10mm

ch 4, sl st to form ring.
Rd 1: Ch 2. 6 puff st in ring, sl st in first puff st to join. (Puff st: *yo, insert hook in st and draw up about 1/2 inch lp; rep from * 2 times - 7lps now on hook, yo and draw through all 7 LPs on hook, ch 1)
Rd 2: Ch 2. 2 puff st in each ch 1 space, join.   (12 puff sts)
Rd 3: Ch 2. *2 puff st in next ch 1 space, 1 puff st in next ch 1 space; rep from * around, join.   (18 puff sts)
Rd 4: Ch 2. 1 puff st in each ch 1 space around, join.   (18 puff sts)
Rd 5-10: Repeat round 4
Rd 11: Ch 2. Dc in each puff st and each ch 1 space around. Join.   (36 dc)
Rd 12: Ch 2, dc in each st around. Join.  (36 dc)
Row 13:(Beginning tail) Ch 1. Sc in each of each of next 2 st, hdc in each of next 2 sts, 2 dc in each of next 8 sts, hdc in each of next 2 sts, sc in next st.  (23 sts)
Row 14: Ch 1, turn. Working in back lp only, sc across.  (23 sts)
Row 15: Ch 1, turn. Sc in first st, 2 hdc in next st, 2 dc in each of next 2 sts, *2 tr in each of next 3 sts, picot; rep from * 3 times (4 picots), 2 tr in each of next 3 sts, 2 dc in each of next 2 sts, 2 hdc in next st, sc in last st. Finish off.

Work same as for body through round 3.
Rd 4: Ch 2. 1 puff st in each of next 17 ch 1 spaces, ch 3, join.   (17 puff sts)
Rd 5: Ch 2. 1 puff st in each ch 1 space around, 1 puff st in middle ch of ch 3 space, join.  (18 puff sts)
Rd 6: Ch 2. Dc in each ch 1 space around. Join.  (18 dc)
Rd 7: Ch 2. Dc in every other st around. Join.  (9 dc)
Finish off leaving enough yarn to close head and sew to body.

Ch 60 for tie to weave around Round 12 of body to close "bottom" after filling with jelly beans.

Place beak into hole formed by ch 3 in 4th rd. Stuff head. Glue on eyes. Sew head to body with tapestry needle and yarn. Tie ribbon around neck.

Ch 4, sl st to form ring, ch 2.
Rd 1: 16 dc in ring.
Rd 2: Ch 1. Working in back lp only, sc in each st around.   (16 sc)
Rd 3: Ch 1, sc in each st around.
Rd 4: Repeat rd 3.
Rd 5: Ch 2, 2 dc in each st around.   (32 sts)
Rd 6: Ch 2, dc in each st around. Finish off. Decorate with ribbon and flowers as desired.

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Open-Mouth Bunny Basket
These are easy for even young children to help make.

Jug Bunny Basket

Materials needed:
    plastic jug (I used a quart size orange juice jug, to make a bigger one, just use a gallon milk jug)
    cotton balls
    white, pink, blue, and black construction paper
    1 black chenille stem
    1 1-inch pink pompom
    eyelashes used in dollmaking, (optional)
    craft glue.
    Patterns for the small(1-quart size) on pattern page

    Draw a circle on the corner opposite the handle on the jug, then cut it out.


Cover the entire outside of the jug, except the handle, with cotton balls dipped in craft glue. Cut the chenille stem into thirds (strips of black paper could be used instead), glue on to jug as shown in picture, then glue pink pompom over top of "whiskers". Cut out ears and eyes as in pattern. Use either doll eyelashes or cut out paper ones. Glue ears and eyes in place. Fill with Easter grass and goodies.

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Bunny Door Hanging

Bunny Door Hanging

Materials needed:
8-inch styrofoam heart
6-inch straw hat (cut in half)
2 2-inch white pom poms
1-1/2-inch pink pom pom
2 1-1/4-inch wiggle eyes
white curly chenille stems
white straight chenille stems
white Fun Foam for ears and teeth
pink Fun Foam for inner ears
Easter ribbon for bow
silk flowers for trim

Using the picture as a guide, hot glue hat-half to pointed end of heart. Cut ears, glue curly chenille around with pink inner ears, then glue behind hat. Glue pom poms, eyes, teeth, and straight chenille stems for whiskers to lower edge of heart. Tie a bow and glue in place.
For the hanger, make a loop of straight chenille and glue to top behind hat.

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Bunny Kiss or Hug
Bunny Hug

Materials needed:
Hershey's Kisses® or Hugs®
1 white 1-inch pom pom for head
1 pink 5mm pom pom for nose
7 white 1/4-inch pom poms for cheeks, hands, feet and tail
3mm wiggle eyes white chenille stem for ears
3 white flower stamens for whiskers

Using the picture as a guide, hot glue head to tip of Kiss®:. Make a loop of a 2-inch piece of chenille stem for each ear and glue to back of head. Glue on features, hands, feet and tail to finish your Bunny Kiss.

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Spoon Bunnies

Bunny Spoon

With permanent markers, draw eyes and mouth on rounded side of pastel-colored plastic spoon. With a pink marker, dab on cheeks. Let dry. Tie three strands of 1-1/2 inch heavy black thread together in middle and glue above mouth for whiskers. Above threads, glue small pink pom-pom for nose (or draw on with markers). Cut ears out of felt the same color as spoon and glue smaller inner-ears of pink felt on pastel-colored ears. Glue ears to back of spoon. Place a round candy sucker in spoon and tie in place around neck with a piece of ribbon. On the sucker stick, glue a small white pom-pom for the tail.

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Whirly Bunny

Whirly Bunny

Print out the pattern (large) / (meduim) / (small) as is -- make sure to set your printer margins to zero (in Netscape go to FILE then to PAGE SETUP), or save it to your hard drive then take into a print program and resize to whatever size you want.
Print out onto pastel colored paper (or white and color with crayons or markers).
Cut out on outside lines and also cut on line between the ears.

Fold on the dotted lines, folding sides to the back. Fold one ear forward and one back (so they act a propellers).
Fasten sides together in back with a paper clip and glue on a cotton-ball tail.
Hold bunny high and drop; it will flutter slowly to the floor like a helicopter.

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Easter Bunny Egg Holder or Goodie Cup

Bunny Cup

You will need:

white styrofoam cup
ballpoint pen
pink marker


Draw a line around the cup 1 inch above the bottom. On one side draw the head and ears of a bunny with the bottom of the head touching the line around the cup.
Cut away all of the cup around the head of the bunny and above the line around the front and sides of the cup.
Use the pen to draw a face on the bunny on the inside part of the cup. Color the inner ears and nose with the pink marker.
Draw paws on the outside front of the base of the cup so that it will look like the bunny has its arms around the cup.
Tie a ribbon around the neck of the bunny.

Bunny Cup 1   Bunny Cup 2

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Bunny Bag

Bunny Bag

You will need:
9 x 12 inch square of white felt
2 - 3/4 inch wiggly eyes
1/2 inch pink pom-pom for nose
2 - 3/4 inch white pom-poms for cheeks
heavy black thread for whiskers

Cut 2 of the pattern piece from white felt.
Place one piece directly on top of the other and stitch along all edges except top of head.
Glue eyes, cheeks, nose and whiskers as shown in picture.
Fill the bag with goodies and close by tying ears together in a half knot.

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Paper Bunny Treat Holder

Bunny Box

Print pattern onto cardstock–pastels are fun. (Be sure to set your printer margins at zero -for Netscape, go to FILE then to PAGE SETUP to change the margins.) Cut on all solid lines, fold on dotted lines. Be sure to cut each paw slit. Carefully interlock paws at slits.

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Paper Bag Bunny Basket

Bunny Bag

This bunny basket is very simple, even preschoolers can help make it. Bunny Bag


1 (lunch-size) paper bag
1 small pink pom pom
chenille stems
cotton ball


Lay the paper bag flat with the glued side down. Sketch a pair of rabbit ears on the top half of the bag. Cut the ears out, leaving the front and back ears attached to the bag. Cut the sides of the bag even with the bottom of the ears, Decorate the bag with a bunny face and finish with a small pink pom-pom nose, chenille stem whiskers, and a cotton-ball tail. Or use markers and colored paper for the features. Glue the front and back ears together at the very tops. Fill with Easter grass and goodies.  

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