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Gramma's 12 Days of Christmas  

A set of gifts to give to friends on the Twelve Days of Christmas.
Technically, the twelve days of Christmas start with Christmas and go until January 6th, but for this gift, I used it more like an advent, starting on the 13th of December and ending on Christmas Eve. These are all my original poems, you are free to use them, but please don't post this on another web page, although, a link would be appreciated. :-)

12 Days of Christmas Gifts  


Just click on the thumbnail picture in the directions to go to the full size label or box. Then you can either print it out or save it and print it as you need.

I have also put the full sized graphics for the day image in the file -- just click on the graphic to go to the full sized one.
Go here if you want PDF files of the labels.


On the outside of the box, bag or basket that you put the gifts in, place the following label with poem.
12 Days of Christmas Poem
Go to full-sized image.

Here are some optional poems to use, if you want to make it a "ring and run" project.

Link for tag to print
Each night we'll bring something
Please don't watch for us coming.
If you catch us too soon,
It'll spoil the fun that's coming!

Link for tag to print
The song that we sing twelve days in a row
Won't get tiresome with treats from friends you know.
But to keep up the mystery and the fun,
You won't know who we are until we're all done!

A couple of the fantastic ladies from THS Crafts Forum came up with alternatives for some of the items and poems to go with them.
Go see the poems.

Partridge in a Pear Tree   Alternate Partridge in a Pear Tree 1st Day:
This is a label for a 15 ounce Can of pears.Go to full-sized image. Wrap the label around the can and glue in place.
This is the poem that is on the label.

Now in the song, it's partridge and pear -
When I looked, my trees were all bare.
So I ran to the store at a hurried pace.
Pears they had plenty, but no birds in the place!

Label Thumbnail

Turtle Doves 2nd Day:
This is a label to put around a 1.30 ounce bar of Dove Chocolate and a 1.76 ounce 3-piece bar of Turtles candy. Go to full-sized image. Place the two candy bars back to back and wrap the label around the two of them and glue or tape in place.
This is the poem that is on the label.

Did you know two turtle doves are
Extremely hard to find?
So here are Turtles ‘n Dove—
The chocolate candy kind!

Label Thumbnail    Candy bars

French Hens 3rd Day:
This is a label for a 10.5 ounce Can of Chicken noodle soup.Go to the full-sized image. Wrap the label around the can and glue in place.
This is the poem that is on the label.

Hens are chickens
If they are French or not!
Here is chicken soup
To heat in the pot.

Label Thumbnail

Calling Birds 4th Day:
This is a label for some pencils and a pad of paper.Go to the full-sized image. Put the paper and pencils in a baggie and staple the label to the top of the bag.
This is the poem that is on the label.

The calling birds have all flown away.
They're visiting the South to see the view.
Instead of a call, they left these few things,
Some pencils and paper – their gift to you.

Label Thumbnail

Calling Birds 5th Day:
This is a label for 20 ouncecan of pineapple slices. Go to the full-sized image. You will need to leave the white margins (lenght of paper) on the label to fully wrap around the can. Wrap the label around the can and glue in place.
This is the poem that is on the label.

Only five golden rings?
There really are more
Of gold pineapple rings
I got from the store.

Label Thumbnail

Geese 6th Day:
This is a box to put white chocolate eggs into. Go to the full-sized image.Print out the template onto cardstock. Cut on all outside lines and also the red inner lines. Go over the fold lines with a stylus or dried-up ballpoint pen to score the lines for sharper and easier folding.
To make the candy eggs, melt white molding chocolate (sometimes called almond bark chocolate or summer coating) and drop a spoonful on waxed paper. Swirl slightly to smooth. Immediately drop a yellow M&M ("M" side down)into the center of the chocolate.
This is the poem that is on the box.

Six geese a-laying some eggs quite unique.
I looked at them close and what do you think?
They are made of white chocolate candy!
Here are six for you, isn't that dandy?

Egg Box

Eggs and Box   White Chocolate Eggs

Swans Swimming 7th Day:
This is a bag tag for sugar cookies cut into swan shapes. Go to the full-sized image. Put cookies into white lunch bag, fold over top. Fold tag between swan graphics and staple to bag top.
This is the poem that is on the label.

The seven swans were swimming and having such fun,
That when I called them, they wouldn't come out, not one!
I called until my face, it turned blue,
So instead made these swan cookies for you.

Swans bag tag

Maids Milking 8th Day:
This is a label to cover a 1.85 ounce box of Milk Duds candy Go to the full-sized image. Wrap label around candy box and glue in place.
This is the poem that is on the label.

The maids were all milking,
Milk foaming like suds.
And then they all vanished
Just leaving "Milk Duds".

Milk Duds Candy box Milk Duds Label

Ladies Dancing 9th Day:
This is a hang tag for Crocheted ballet slipper. Go to the full-sized image. Crochet slippers and tie tag onto ribbon.

Instructions for croheting slippers:
MATERIALS: For each slipper--Small amount baby yarn; 1/2" gathered lace; 3" x 4" piece off-white lace fabric or tulle; 1 yard 1/8" satin ribbon; small ribbon roses; polyester fiberfill; potpourri; craft glue; sewing thread; sewing and tapestry needles; size C crochet hook.
FINISHED SIZE: Slipper is about 3" long.
NOTES: For increase (inc) 2 sc in next st or ch.
For decrease (dec), sc next 2 sts tog.

Crocheted slippers

    Rnd 1: Ch 17, sc in 2nd ch from hook and next 14 ch, 3 sc in last ch; working on opposite side of ch, sc in 14, inc (see Notes) in last ch (34 sc). Work in continuous rnds.     Rnd 2: Sc in 15, inc in each of next 3 sts, sc in 16(37).
    Rnds 3-6: Work even with sc in each st around.
    Rnd 7: Sc in 13, dec 6 times (next 12 sts), sc in 12(31).
    Rnd 8: Sc in 11, dec 6 times (next 12 sts), sc in 8 (25). Fasten off.

Wrap some potpourri in a small piece of net or cheesecloth, stuff into toe of slipper. Fill the rest of the slipper with fiberfill. Take a 3" x 4" piece of lace fabric or tulle and put over slipper opening, tucking edges in between slipper and fiberfill. Sew in place with needle and thread-or glue in place. Sew or glue gathered lace around edge.
For shaping, with yarn and tapestry needle, insert needle in side of slipper at center, pull needle through slipper out other side at center, make small stitch, pull needle back through to beginning, pull tight to form indentions. Secure ends.
Cut ribbon in 2 equal pieces. Tie small slip knot with a small loop to form a half bow on 1 end of each ribbon. Sew 1 to each side of each slipper.
Glue flowers under lace on front of slippers. Tie ribbons in bow about 8" from slippers for hanging.

This is the poem that is on the label.

Nine ladies dancing was a beautiful sight,
I applauded so loud, it gave them a fright!
They ran away quickly, leaving a shoe or two,
So I filled them up with potpourri for you.
To hang in the closet, or in a drawer hide,
They'll always smell pretty, that won't be denied!

Ballet Slipper Hangtag

Lords Leaping 10th Day:
This is a box to hold 10 pieces of Star Burst candy Go to full-sized image.Cut outside lines of balloon box, score inner curved fold lines for sharper folding. Fold box in half and glue tab to inside. Squeeze the box along the top and bottom folds and fold in the scored ends.
This is the poem that is on the box.

Ten lords a-leaping.
Who could reach the stars first?
To send back to us
These delicious "star burst".

Star Burst box

Pipers 11th Day:
This is a hang tag to put on a Bubble pipe and bubble solution. Go to full-sized image. Put bubble pipe and jar of bubble solution in a bag and staple on the hangtag.
This is the poem that is on the label.

Eleven pipers were piping- a wondrous sight.
'Cause the pipes they were blowing made bubbles so light.
Here are some bubbles and a pipe just for you.
So you can join in and have lots of fun, too.

Pipers Tag

Drummers 12th Day:
This is a drum container to hold any small candies--like M&Ms or red hots, etc. Go to full-sized image for drum side. Go to full-sized image for drum top. The drum is made using plastic canvas, and two milk jug lids of the same size and color. Cut the plastic canvas 33 holes by 13 holes, or size needed to fit the lid you use plus 4 holes to overlap. Using hot glue, glue plastic canvas into a cylinder (overlapping the 4 holes-this will ensure a tight fit). Glue paper drum cover over plastic canvas. Hot glue one lid onto the bottom end of the cylinder. Glue the round '12' label to the other lid to be used for the top.The top lid should fit tight enough to stay on without glue until ready to open. Fill with small candies.


This is the poem that is on the label.

Twelve drummers drumming each on their own drum.
That's the end of the song - Wasn't it fun?
Here is your drum with goodies as full as can be.
It's for wishing Merry Christmas to you from me!

Finished Drum

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