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Alternative poems and items to use for the 12 Days of Christmas.
These poems were written by a couple of the talented ladies at THS Crafts Forum and Forum
Thanks to Lorraine for the first set for Calling Birds, Swans and Dancing Ladies.
Also thanks to Sue, her poems are the second set.

Calling birds - Chapstick or lip balm
When calling birds cackle
Their mouths get all dry
Their lips start to crackle
So give this a try!

Seven Swans - Sparkling Water (flavored water)
The swans were still swimming in water so clear
It sparkled and shimmered, I shed not a tear
Instead I felt thirsty, a drink would be nice
I sent sparkling water, now you add the ice!

Nine ladies dancing - Slippers or slipper socks
Nine ladies dancing, they put on a show
Their feet got so tired, so wouldn't you know
I'm sending some slippers for soothing your feet
They're comfy and cozy and all wrapped up neat!

Here is Sue's set:   "This is the my full 12 days of Christmas that I'm making for my niece.I will wrap everything individually with the poems inside. Then label them 1-12 and put in a santa sack. The 1st poem I'll attach to the sack so she will know how it works. Sue"

The 12 days of Christmas is the song that I sing
And in this sack 12 presents I bring.
December the 13th is when you may start.
Unwrap one a day with love from my heart.
Having you as a niece is a dream come true,
This is my way of wishing Merry Christmas to you!

1. A partridge in a pear tree
How boring is that!
Your tree is much prettier:
Tinsel, glitter and gift wrap,
On this ornament write your name,
Hang it on a branch for instant fame. (A name ormament)

2. Two turtle doves are very rare
And nowhere could I find a pair.
But Dove chocolate is pretty yummy,
And a turtle massager for your tummy. (Turtle massager and Dove chocolates)

3. I did get French hens,
But then hungry I got.
So I ended up cooking them
In a great big pot
So three fine pens will have to do,
In France's colors of red, white and blue. (Fancy pens)

4. Four calling birds
What's with all these wings?
Instead here's bike bells
With four bells that rings. (Jingle bells to put on a bike)

5. Five golden rings
That's rather extreme.
I love you dearly,
But that much money's a dream!
Five golden rings? What could I do?
Friends are golden,
As I'm sure you've been told,
And they're your lifesavers
When you're young or old.
So five packets of lifesavers is better than rings.
Whew I got out of that one!
I'm getting good at these things. (Life savers)

6. Six geese a laying
* Sigh * We're back to those birds!
I tried stealing their eggs
But their cries could be heard.
So I gave up and went to the store.
These eggs won't hatch
But don't drop them on the floor. (Package of chocolate eggs)

7. Seven swans swimming
But the water was so cold
I couldn't catch them,
I couldn't grab hold.
So here's seven clips
To hold back your hair.
Wear them when you go swimming
And chase swans if you dare. (Hair clips)

8. Eight maids a milking
Silly women don't they know
Milk comes from a store.
Geez they are slow!
But at the shop
Milk bottles are sold in a pack.
So you get more than eight
Stuffed into this sack. (Milk bottle candy)

9. Nine ladies dancing,
They danced all night long,
But when they looked down
Something was wrong.
From dancing all night
They had aching feet.
So here's some bath salts
To give your toes a treat. (Bath salts)

10. Ten lords leaping,
Wonder if they could reach the stars?
They jumped higher than these frogs
That I caught in some jars.
Some people think frogs
Are princes in disguise,
So maybe the lords were protected them
As they leapt for the skies. (Jelly frogs in a jar)

11. Eleven pipers were piping,
What a wonderful sight,
'Cause they blew bubbles
And watched them take flight. So here are some bubbles so you can play, too.
I thought eleven seemed greedy
So I'm sending you just two. (Little bubble mixes)

12. Twelve drummers drumming
Oh, how they're hurting my head.
They gave me such a headache
I had to go to bed.
Music should be soothing
A listening pleasure
So here's a CD
For you to treasure. (Music CD)

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