Shire of Coldedernhale

The Shire of Coldedernhale is the Central South Dakota chapter of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc., (SCA), encompassing Corson, Dewey, Gregory, Hughes (Eastern part), Jones, Lyman, Mellette, Stanley, Todd, Tripp and Ziebach counties based in Pierre, South Dakota.

Meeting Minutes

Meeting  4/9/2010
DDN in Pierre and White River
In attendance: Master Julio, Lady Xene, Madoc Serpentsbane, Destiny, Justin,Eric , Sathia,  Lord David the Sagacious, 

(note we had trouble with the state capital being locked that stopped Dawson from attending.  We will try to work out that issue)

I.  Officer Reports

Seneschal – maintaining status quo,  Exchequer:  same as last month except $150 site deposit leaves $715.66 in our account.   A&S- wedding outfits done, painting banners,

II. Provost Challenge- Final event preparation

*Dawson – print forms for gate receipts/ troll/ cash box.

* Dave- Chart ready for tournament, Dawson would help with tournament.

Check with Gary to get key.

*Julio – Set up signs in morning, bring Venison stew, fighting paperwork

Will need to get bread- will do so that day.

III. Rabid Yale Hunt - Plans progressing

Road looks good.  We would like to do site clean up at the next meeting instead of meeting online unless weather is inclement.

IV.  Open officer positions
     We have several open officer positions.  While they are not critical to the shire's operating I would like to open up the floor to anyone interested in filling them:
1.  Minister of Children (organize youth activities)
2.  Chirurgeon (1st aid responder)
3.  Chronicler (create a newsletter)
4.  Chatelaine (new person cordinator)
5.  Herald (help people research name and devices, announcements during events, help with court)
6.  Deputies- any of the current officer positions.

Some interest and discussion.   Tabled tell the next meeting.

7.  Discussion of new event "Hrothgar's Hall" at request of the Shire of Trewint

8.. Any other business.

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