Shire of Coldedernhale

The Shire of Coldedernhale is the Central South Dakota chapter of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc., (SCA), encompassing Corson, Dewey, Gregory, Hughes (Eastern part), Jones, Lyman, Mellette, Stanley, Todd, Tripp and Ziebach counties based in Pierre, South Dakota.


The name "Coldedernhale" comes from two Old English words; "colde" and "dernhale". Colde means cold. Dernhale means a hidden lowland place that is along a river. Of course many shire members have noted an additional South Dakota weather translation as well!
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The History of Coldedernhale

In August 1997 Trewint, with the sponsorship of Schattentor, coordinated an event called "Landsdowne" at Farm Island State Park in Pierre, SD. This event had approx. 75 attendees. The goal of the event was to help start a group in Central SD. Unfortunately it did not gain enough members to start a groups as it was hoped.

In May 1999 Coldedernhale has it's first meeting. At that point a Proto-Incipient group is formed. The first group is named "Hidden Tymber". Founding members were Lord Julio Galva'n, Lady Catalina Navarra, Lord Bubba ap Elvis, Lord Davidd the Sagacious of Black Hill, Lord Korbinian, and m'lady Giovanni.

In July 1999, after consultation with the heralds, the group changes it's name to "Dernhale", meaning "a hidden, low land place next to a river." The group also drafts the device, "Argent chausee, a yale combatant, and in chief a laurel wreath vert."

In August 1999, after further research, the group discovers "Dernhale" is to close to another group in Ohio. Various ideas are bounced around with the group settling with the name "Coldedernhale", meaning "low land place by the river that is cold". The name and device are officially submitted at this time.

In September 1999 members of the shire build a pavillion for raffle at Armorgeddon. Some shirts are also made as a fundraiser. These efforts help to make the group financially sound. Coldedernhale also holds it's first demo at "Goosefest" in Pierre, SD. It is a success! Coldedernhale files a request to become an Incipient Group.

In November 1999 Coldedernhale bids for the November 2001 Coronet and Investure.

In December 1999 Coldedernhale holds it's first event; "A Late Lammas Day." The event is attended by approximately 50 people, and this A&S event is considered a great success.

In February 2000 Coldedernhale recieves word that it is officially "Incipient."

In March 2000 Coldedernhale coordinates a Regional Fighter practice with the Shire of Schattentor known as "Melee & Mayhem" in Mission, SD.

In August 2000 Coldedernhale holds it's first "Rabid Yale Hunt" event at Farm Island in Pierre, SD and it is a success!

In November 2000 Coldedernhale hosts the Northshield Coronet and Investiture of Saeric and Yasmine at the Todd County Middle School in Mission, SD. Despite a blizzard we have nearly 300 gentles as Northshield shows for the Coronet tournament and the Investiture of a new Prince and Princess. Our humble shire is visited by the whole Northshield royal family as well as King Edmund.

In July of 2001 We hold the second "Rabid Yale", also called "Rabid Gale" because of the fierce thunderstorm that flattens camp. Despite that, people have a good time and most memorable court with Kenneth and Lelya.

In December 2001 We hold the first "Brrr, A Derne Colde Day in Hale", an event similar to "Late Lammas Day" at Todd County Middle School in Mission, SD.

In May of 2001 The Shire of Coldedernhale became a full status group within the SCA.